First, a disclaimer: I love gadgets, gizmos and new technology, but I’m the first to admit I’m not always a natural with new programs and often lose my patience. That is why I was very excited to be given the opportunity to play with the super-easy gomo authoring tool. It’s designed to be used with no programming skills necessary – perfect for me with my basic knowledge of PowerPoint and little else. So here’s my experience of content creation for beginners, using gomo, of course!

Content creation for beginners: finding your feet

All the hard work happens behind the scenes, leaving users with a clean interface which isn’t overloaded with fiddly options or complicated steps.

Once I had signed up and logged in, I was faced with a blank screen with all the potential to create my own beautiful multi-device learning. But first things first – a trip to the gomo knowledge base. The gomo team have put together some fantastically helpful tips and videos to help beginners find their feet, and it’s really handy if you want to hit the ground running. I took a look at the introductory video, and then off I went.

gomo content builder screen

Building a new course with gomo’s easy drag and drop content creation interface

Content creation for beginners: intuitive user interface

I’m incredibly pleased to say that the claims are all absolutely true: gomo really is easy to use. I decided to put together a very simple, three-topic piece of learning, and the whole process really couldn’t have been more straightforward. I got to grips with the drag and drop interface in no time at all, and everything is very intuitive.

In just 45 minutes, I had created a basic course with multiple choice questions, hotspot pictures and text-based input, all using subscreens to give customised feedback on all the answers and relevant images. One of my favorite features of gomo is the ability to preview your course on different devices to see the way your content will adapt and respond based on the screen real estate.

This is known as responsive design and it’s very important, especially now that smartphones have been become ubiquitous.

When it comes to content creation for beginners, responsive design is a vital way to ensure learners can see content on any screen size and in any orientation

Content creation for beginners: getting creative

For my first experience with an authoring tool, I have to say, I’m very impressed. If I, with no real background in learning design, can get the hang of it all in less than an hour, I’m confident that anyone can manage it. The potential for designers with years of experience behind them is massive, and I’m really excited to see the creative ways people are using gomo to create their own beautiful multi-device eLearning.

If you want to try gomo for yourself, sign up today for a free 21-day trial. Make sure you let us know how you’re getting on by tweeting us @gomolearning!

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