As I boarded my plane last Thursday evening and the lights from the Las Vegas Strip faded into oblivion, so went another DevLearn conference.

Managing Director Mike Alcock, Director of Product Development Gavin Beddow and I had the pleasure of representing team gomo in Las Vegas at DevLearn 2017. The gomo booth was constantly abuzz with representatives from so many great companies. Over the course of the always lively two-day expo, we caught up with current gomo users, as well as curious eLearning professionals seeking to offer more to their user networks.

We provided valuable information and knowledge to hundreds of learning professionals across a variety of backgrounds and industries. In exchange, we came away with some valuable information.

Here are some of the eLearning trends we discovered at DevLearn 2017.

A photo of people receiving eLearning tips from DevLearn

SCORM is out

It’s no longer enough to know if and when someone has completed a course. These days, L&D professionals in the trenches of building learning strategies require in-depth learner analytics to build effective learning strategies. To stay relevant, it is crucial to fully understand the path of every learner. An authoring tool like gomo is mission critical. All of gomo’s courses are xAPI-enabled with all of the statements built-in, creating a hassle-free platform for users – with or without xAPI experience – to build beautiful, interactive courses that track how learners engage with the course.

Mobile learning

With learners increasingly on-the-go and disconnected from a traditional office, the ability for people to access learning via mobile devices is a must. With gomo, you only need to build one course, which can then easily be delivered to multiple devices. The gomo player detects screen size and type, and automatically adjusts to display the content in a way that makes it appear tailor-made to whichever device is being utilized.

Offline learning

With mobile learning comes the need for offline learning delivery. Too often, learners lack Internet connectivity when they actually have the time to tackle learning requirements. The gomo central native app makes it possible for learners to consume material even when the Internet is unreliable. Once downloaded, content can be accessed offline. Best of all, with gomo’s xAPI reporting, a learner’s progress made offline is automatically synced to the central record as soon as device connectivity is restored.

Winning the “Best in Show” award

The crowning moments were during DemoFest, DevLearn’s Grand Finale of sorts. DemoFest is a two-hour event that showcases some of the year’s best learning technology solutions. Our sister company, LEO, a provider of technology-enabled bespoke learning solutions, including blended learning programs, was one of them. DemoFest concludes with an award ceremony, which LEO won.

The gomo and LEO teams celebrated when the emcee announced LEO as DevLearn’s 2017 “Best in Show” winner, which is voted for by event attendees – like of like a People’s Choice award. Congratulations to them! We’re proud to be part of this comprehensive family of learning solutions.

Until next year.

Thom Tate is gomo’s Business Development Manager of North America.

To discover how gomo’s award-winning authoring and hosting solutions can save your organization time and money, contact gomo today.

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