gomo hosting’s world-class security, speed of distribution and myriad other features are increasingly popular among our users. In this blog, we examine a few of the reasons why gomo hosting can hugely benefit your learning programs.

Businesses need more than great training material to upskill their workforce and ensure that learning has a positive impact across their organization.

With so much focus on the content of training courses, the challenges of delivering those courses to learners often becomes an afterthought.

But without the right strategy and infrastructure to manage and distribute training, the effort L&D teams put into creating high-quality eLearning can be wasted.

Designing and creating courses is known as authoring, and it’s a process we love helping organizations carry out with ease and in eye-catching style here at gomo.

Once upon a time, companies relied predominantly on extensive written manuals and basic presentations in programs such as PowerPoint to train their workforce.

Nowadays, with an authoring tool like ours, the potential for L&D teams to create original, inspiring learning is almost limitless.

You can be up and running in minutes with a seamless, branded portal, and make the most of multimedia, quizzes and much more.

Importantly for the modern workforce, your learning can also reach people on the go and look great on any device thanks to adaptive and responsive design.

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gomo hosting: the next step towards highly successful learning

Having put all that content together, you want to make sure you can deliver and fully track great-looking courses reliably, and at scale.

Given that your choice can have a real impact on your day-to-day business, it’s really important to choose the right hosting solution.

Among the organizations we speak to every week, some of the features at the top of their hosting wishlist include:

  • Dedicated servers that can always meet their current demand and grow with the business as necessary
  • Dependable, always-on learning that’s ultra-secure and safe
  • An accessible technical team with the flexibility to meet a range of support needs

Perhaps the most common story we hear is that learning programs don’t always run smoothly because of hosting problems. Conversely, enterprises who choose an authoring tool offering cloud-based hosting remove all the worry about this issue.

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gomo hosting saves hassle, time and resources – especially for organizations with an LMS

When we talk about the everyday effect hosting can have on your organization, we mean things like the amount of time it takes you to deliver a course to your learners.

If your authoring tool doesn’t include hosting, publishing a huge SCORM course can take a very long time.

Even if you’re only making minor updates to existing content, you might find yourself needing to republish an entire course. This often results in delays and downtime for learners and L&D teams.

We see what a drain on time and resources this is for organizations, and we also know how easily you can overcome this problem when you choose the right hosting option.

Say you’ve got a business-critical update that you need to inform all your learners about in different locations, or a set of crucial learning points about a new product that’s just come to market.

When this happens, your L&D team’s efforts to act quickly will be severely hampered if your authoring tool takes days, weeks or months to roll out the new material and course updates.

Once you’ve created the content, you should be able to deliver it to users, websites, LMSs, social media sites and more with a single click, instantly.

The unique gomo SCORM LMS wrapper allows you to distribute and update huge courses instantly, converting any SCORM course into a 12KB microfile. This can be uploaded in seconds to any SCORM LMS and can then be updated ‘live’ from gomo without the need for republishing or further SCORM uploads.

The same applies to all the other gomo distribution options. If you’re not using an LMS, gomo provides lots of other ways to get content into the hands of learners instantly and update it in seconds.

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World-class security and safety – without the constant costs

Now that your L&D team is confident in the knowledge that they can distribute fresh learning at speed, let’s look at how effective hosting safeguards your content and learning data.

Large enterprises need to be able to rely upon rock-solid hosting. At gomo, we give our users the freedom to concentrate on creating great content by working with the most powerful and reliable web servers in the world – Amazon’s.

gomo’s Amazon based load-balanced hosting architecture is a major reason why we’re currently serving up over 18,000 user sessions per day.

That amounts to a hefty 126,000 sessions each week, or more than 6.5 million course launches every year.

Amazon’s servers can comfortably deal with much greater demand than this, and their CloudFront CDN (content delivery network) means that your courses are delivered instantly around the world.

A host of benefits

As we’ve seen, there are lots of reasons why you’re likely to benefit greatly from choosing an authoring tool that includes hosting.

Your IT team won’t have to spend hours worrying about server loads, software updates and the security of your courses.

From a learner’s point of view, the ease of access offered by the cloud should give them the opportunity to find information and learn anywhere, regardless of their connection.

Alongside solving a range of technical and distribution challenges, it’s a big part of why gomo hosting can be the backbone of your learning success.

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Want to know more about gomo hosting? Contact us today to start making the most of gomo’s world-class hosting, authoring and distribution capabilities.

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