There was plenty to talk about at the recent gomo user group, where some of our Enterprise customers got together to talk about the innovative ways that they’re using gomo for their eLearning authoring, hosting and distribution needs, as well as to find out which key features are in the product pipeline.

A handful of L&D managers and learning designers from all over the UK (plus one person who flew in from Holland!), as well as Piers Lea, Chief Strategy Officer for gomo’s sister company LEO, descended on gomo’s Brighton offices for a day of knowledge sharing, workshopping and networking.

While the sessions are invite-only, we wanted to share some of what was discussed on the day with our entire global audience.

A photo of a group of learning professionals learning about measuring business impact and the gomo authoring tool in eLearning

How global organizations are using gomo

Customers at the gomo usergroup included Shell, EE, PwC and British Airways. So what business pains and problems are they using gomo to solve? The diversity of responses is interesting to note.

EE talked about how they were able to get product knowledge, on a new global product launch, out to over 20,000 employees within hours of being briefed on the products. Because gomo’s in the cloud, changes to course content can be made quickly and distributed to learners in their stores at the touch of a button.

“gomo is a game changer for EE,” said Pinda Dhillon, Head Of Training Design at EE. “gomo really allows us to go out in time and make sure that our people are up to date on our products and services, and can have engaging conversations with our customers”. For more on how EE use gomo, check out this case study.

Another organization describes itself as an early adopter of authoring tools. It uses gomo to create the eLearning components of their blended learning programmes, which go out to over 500,000 learners across 40 countries.

One business has over 100 gomo accounts for their global L&D teams from 15 territories, and they’ve achieved all of this in less than six months. These teams are working on over 200 projects and use gomo, as part of the company’s standardized training practises, to create, their eLearning content in a number of different languages.

New gomo features twice a month

Did you know that gomo is constantly working on new features to enhance the learning suite? Some of these product updates and new features are based on industry needs, while others come directly from our clients.

The introduction of new features every fortnight means we’re always evolving and improving. To find out what we’ve added and enhanced, keep checking the release notes section of the support page.

We have some very exciting features in the pipeline for Q4 (which will have to remain confidential for now) but watch our website for news of when these are released.

We’re also extremely excited about adding screen capture capability to gomo and we’re working as fast as possible to get this sought-after feature up and running, hopefully by the beginning of 2018. So watch this space!

Want to know more about how gomo can help global organizations with their learning needs? Get in touch today!

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