People’s requirements of learning have changed, and they now expect to be able to accumulate knowledge when they are traveling, working remotely, visiting a sales team or facing other scenarios in which their Internet connection might be unreliable.

There are lots of learning solutions out there that can deliver content to connected devices, but how much can organizations offer to employees who need to access offline learning?

A photo of learning professionals looking at the benefits of measuring business impact through offline learning

As well as the challenge of helping these employees work offline, businesses need to be able to track learning data on mobile devices online and offline, control content access, track completion of courses and add new content when it is available.

In the US, nearly half of all people living in rural areas lack access to speeds that qualify as broadband. For organizations looking to provide and track eLearning carried out offline, there are a few options:

  • Apps with preloaded content
    A one-time fixed set of content can be packaged into an app, which can then be made available through a private or public app store, with appropriate access credentials. The content gets downloaded along with the app, therefore becoming available offline. With this approach, activity tracking is not usually possible. Nor is updated, refreshed content.
  • SCORM/AICC-compliant wrapper app
    If your LMS doesn’t have an offline app, look for a wrapper app that can communicate with the LMS to validate learners, track learner data and provide other features such as notifications. This app should also store data locally when offline.
  • xAPI-compliant wrapper app
    This option will allow you to launch content directly from the app and send learner data to a separate LRS that has reporting abilities.

A photo of learning professionals looking at the benefits of measuring business impact through offline learning

Fortunately, there are apps which can solve this problem. The gomo app allows users to download courses to their device and run them in full, wherever they are – and when the device is back in range, the app will transmit all of the learning data back to the gomo server.

Once this data has been received, an effective learning solution gives organizations the opportunity to analyze it in depth with full Experience API (xAPI or Tin-Can) analytics tracking.

This means that learning professionals can see everything from the device and type of browser that learning has taken place on to the pages on a course accessed by individuals and the test scores employees achieved.

This has obvious high value to L&D teams, as it enables them to discover which parts of a course employees have been proficient in or struggled with, and gives them the chance to tweak their content and improve learning outcomes.

To update the courses and make sure employees are learning from the latest content provided, the server compares the course on their device with the up-to-date version on the server.

If their device has been offline for a while and has a course which doesn’t match up, the content will be updated. In gomo’s case, an icon appears on the employee’s device, giving them the opportunity to download the updates at their convenience.

Offline learning to meet the needs of your workforce

The modern workforce tends to be time-poor, frequently on the move and under more pressure than ever before. Traditional, office-based approaches to eLearning no longer work – but an app gives your learners access to content wherever they are and whatever connection is available.

Not everyone has great Internet access all the time or wants to sit at a desktop when they need to know about a product. With offline learning, reaching everyone is no longer a problem.

Want to know more about how you can meet the challenges of offline learning? Read gomo’s free ebook, ‘Learn, track and update: How to meet the challenges of offline learning’, today.

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