Last week, we looked at when to consider both web and native apps for your learning. We’re following up with a look at the options you have and how easy it is to publish learning content in gomo once it’s created. Whether you have an LMS or need to upload directly to an internal website or server, gomo makes for easy and convenient publishing with little to no developer or programmer input.

Publishing learning content to an LMS with gomo

You can easily begin the publishing learning content within gomo’s main projects view or the project structure view of a course. Upon selecting publish, gomo will take your content, apply the theme you’ve selected for it and create a multi-device HTML package with all the wrapper code needed to communicate with a SCORM 1.2-compliant Learning Management System. When the publishing is complete, your course is ready to download as a .zip file from the gomo cloud. There’s absolutely nothing else left to do but upload it to your Moodle or SCORM 1.2-compliant LMS.

Publishing gomo content to a website

If you don’t have an LMS and don’t need to track your learners’ scores, you can still publish learning content a public or internal website with gomo to be accessed by learners. As above, select publish from either gomo’s main projects view or the project structure view of a course to package your course. Once you have downloaded the finished .zip file from the gomo cloud, unzip to reveal its contents. You’ll see that your project consists of a variety of HTML, JavaScript and CSS files as well as all of the image, audio and video files you incorporated into your course. You can upload the entire contents to your web server and create a link to the index.htm file from wherever you want it to appear on your website.

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