On Tuesday, I attended Imogen Casebourne’s webinar about moving to multi-device. It was part of the ADL Interagency Mobile Learning Webinar Series, and covered some interesting case studies for projects created using gomo.

How do you use your mobile devices for learning?

Imogen started off by asking some questions about attendees’ device usage. For example, we learnt that 71% of attendees use three or more devices a day. Android phones proved the most popular, with 62% of respondents using these devices compared with 48% of iPhone users. However, when it comes to tablets, iPads are more popular, with 60% of those polled opting for an Apple tablet compared with 33% who choose an Android device.

The webinar looked at the value of responsive and adaptive design and how some organisations have already made the move to learning based on smartphones and tablets. Epic created e-learning on tablets for Civil Service Learning, refreshing a suite of learning courses for almost 500,000 UK government workers. A multi-device approach allowed them to reach more mobile workers and deliver material in the way learners wanted to learn.

Mobile performance support

The second part of the webinar focused on just-in-time mobile performance support. This allows employees to access learning material as and when they need it in their roles. Imogen said that digital learning performance support resources are often quicker and cheaper to produce than an e-learning course, and the great news is that with unlimited projects, you can create as many resources as you like with gomo.

The final poll of the webinar asked which types of mobile performance support attendees thought would benefit their employees. 100% thought that quick reference guides, how to guides and job aids delivered on a mobile device would be useful, with a third saying that diagnostic tools would be beneficial. This shows that there is plenty of opportunity for organisations to create their own handy mobile resources.

Why not sign up for a free 21 day trial of gomo now to see what you can create?

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