In our latest webinar ‘Learner-Generated Content: The Power of the Learner’s Voice’, Dawn Baron, gomo Product Marketing Manager, and Jeff Fissel, gomo Video Product Owner, describe the evolution of learner-generated content (LGC) and how we can leverage LGC to strength our learning programs.

If you missed the webinar , no problem—we’ve got you covered, with a recording (done in gomo video, of course!). To read the webinar Q&A, featuring the best questions we got from attendees, click here.

Embracing Learner-Generated Content to Strengthen Your Learning Programs

The world is changing and we aren’t looking back. Today’s learner wants to add to the conversation, share experiences, and find ways to innovate. Let’s not limit what our learners can do but instead give them a forum and the technology to create and share.

Watch the webinar recording below to discover:

  • Embracing Learner-Generated Content can give your company a competitive advantage
  • Employees today resonate with the voices of their peers
  • Learner-Generated Content can make your L&D function more efficient
  • The right technology can put you at ease with a Learner-Generated Content strategy

To discover how the gomo eLearning suite can help you create, manage and record video learning content, contact us today.

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