Using gomo to train 25,000 learners

"Using gomo, for us, has really changed how we can go to market with our digital learning material. I suppose people talk about products and services and systems being game-changers, but gomo really is."
– Pinda Dhillon, EE's Head Of Training Design.

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About EE

EE is the largest mobile network operator in the UK and the largest operator of 4G services in Europe. The British telecommunications service provider has a variety of training needs for its staff to continue providing the kind of excellent service that the company’s around 30 million customers expect.

To achieve these goals, they use the gomo eLearning authoring tool, which allows their team to rapidly create and distribute responsive eLearning programs.

Before discovering gomo, EE’s 25,000 learners weren’t as engaged with their eLearning material as the company would’ve liked. “Our traditional eLearning courses were lengthy and very text-heavy due to the lack of understanding from our stakeholders of what should be included," says EE’s Head Of Training Design, Pinda Dhillon.

"They took a long time to create and, with a digital team of only six people, it was costing quite a lot of money to create the material.”

Pinda’s team was using a gomo competitor tool but the end result was eLearning content that was “clunky, had a poor response rate and which people didn’t enjoy doing.” A number of solutions were tested, including video-only eLearning courses, before EE discovered the power of an eLearning authoring tool like gomo.

Using gomo meant that EE could rapidly streamline its learning content. The company implemented a microlearning approach with chapters of shorter content that were made more engaging with easily embedded images and videos.

The revitalized content was designed to be interactive, with gomo’s question banks fully utilized to avoid cheating in assessments.

"We never used to create assessments, but gomo’s question banks made it fun and harder for anyone to cheat by continuously retaking the test and remembering the right answers," says Pinda.

"Using gomo’s assessments banks, we have 50 question in the assessments which are randomized. We’ve had thousands of learners do the quizzes. They’re nice to look at and easy to navigate."

How EE gets the most out of gomo

EE doesn’t just use gomo to create onboarding, regulatory and health and safety courses; it’s also used to create and update material for client-facing learners. In the rapidly changing world of telecoms, being able to make quick changes to courses in gomo is vitally important.

In this way, new product information can quickly and easily be rolled out to thousands of staff in stores and call centers all over the UK, giving them better product knowledge and aiding customer support.

"Using gomo, for us, has really changed how we can go to market with our digital learning material," says Pinda, who is part of the team that helped EE to come first in the prestigious Sunday Times Best Big Companies to Work For 2018 list.

"A really good example is that Apple just launched a set of products and services. On the day that they broke cover, we were able to get together as a virtual team, and create our learning, and we went out in hours. That is a game changer for us. I suppose people talk about products and services and systems being game-changers, but gomo really is." EE's Apple-related course has been completed over 8,500 times, with around 43% of learners taking it on mobile devices in their own time.

Rapid content creation and cloud-based collaboration

"We feel that there's so many benefits to using gomo. Number one is the speed at which we can get content out. For an organization of our size, with 25,000 employees, that's no easy task. gomo really allows us to go out, in time, and make sure that our people are up-to-date on products and services, so that they can have engaging conversations with our customers.

"Secondly, I can use non-digital developers to create the content: animators, video production and instructional designers. They can all come together virtually. We've never been able to do that before."

What used to take weeks to create can now be done in a matter of days or even hours, and instantly rolled out to all EE staff thanks to gomo's cloud-based hosting capabilities.

Because gomo is hosted in the cloud, the learning design team, which doesn’t sit in one central location, can easily collaborate on content creation.

With the team being spread out across the whole of the UK and still being able to easily collaborate on content, EE says they've saved time and actually made content richer.

Before switching to gomo, the company needed to find ways to enforce training but with the new, gomo-designed eLearning courses, engagement levels are through the roof.

"The average time spent on learning has gone up to 14 minutes. And that’s without prompting. The feedback on the courses has been incredible. People are asking for more and talking to each other about what they’ve learnt," Pinda says.

As of March 2017, 82% of EE staff are now actively taking eLearning. "We can’t produce enough content. Using gomo to create our eLearning has transformed our organization."

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