About Johnson Controls

With 120,000 employees in 2,000 locations worldwide, Johnson Controls is a global industrial leader with an annual revenue of around $30 billion. The company is a leader in building technologies and solutions.

With a breadth of customers and challenges ranging from creating connected campuses to smart cities, upskilling staff and creating a culture of continuous learning is critical. Achieving this for global customers and learners is a huge challenge. The organization is a market leader and one of the reasons behind its longevity as a cross-market leader has been its commitment to learning approaches that lead to business results.

As well as the US, the global corporation has an L&D team in Germany, supporting an extremely diverse range of learners working across regions from Asia to Latin America.

Shaping Existing Content Into a Powerful, Organized New Resource

The Johnson Controls team had around 150 learning videos before they began working with Gomo in May 2017. Their regular company portal provided people with a place to submit content, but they wanted a video learning platform that would organize their learning into a highly effective on-demand resource that was truly learning-centric and focused.

“We really didn’t have a learning video platform,” says Instructional Learning Technologist Leah Strecher. “We had more of a portal where people would post anything from marketing to CEO presentations.”

Their learning platform must-haves checklist included:

  • The ability to chapter content and directly link to videos and precise points within them
  • Powerful metrics and analytics producing key data at a granular and organization-wide level
  • SCORM integration with the existing company LMS and single sign-on log-ins for employees, customers, and partners
  • Easy-to-use screen recording functionality that would produce high-quality video

Enter uLearn, the video learning platform Johnson Controls has created with Gomo video.

The platform has had a transformational impact in a short space of time. Most Johnson Control staff access the platform and upload video content through a laptop in an office or home setting, although some can and do upload from mobile phones. “A significant number of people are viewing the videos in the field on mobile devices. All we require is that it’s learning-based," explains Video Producer Dave Kadera.

The Johnson Controls team use Gomo’s ‘containers’ to present videos within appropriate areas of training, such as cybersecurity and product-specific content. They plan ahead, creating new containers that expand and grow according to future training needs.

The video containers have been extremely successful, particularly the section dedicated to IT questions and support. These videos are full of tips that learners can look at before contacting the company’s technical support team. Calls of this nature often take up a substantial amount of the support desk’s time, so the videos have helped them by reducing the volume of calls they receive.

“We try to link all the videos and group them into similar areas in a common sense container structure,” explains Dave. “This leads to what I would call ‘the YouTube effect’. If you’re going to click on one video in a container, it’s very likely you’re going to click on another video in the same container, because you’ll have had a question about that topic or will have a question one day.”

The Big Benefits of Giving People Control of Their Own Learning

Thanks to Gomo, Johnson Controls has seen an increase in learning content created by employees—project leads, for example, are utilizing the platform to create new videos, podcasts, and webinars on a regular basis. By the start of 2019, uLearn was closing in on 3,000 learning-based videos across almost 900 hours of content that any learner can search through, access and add their insights to.

In order to assure quality, employees are encouraged to partner with a co-worker, project lead or subject matter expert to discuss or work on content for the platform. Learners are also provided with and taught how to add the necessary branding and copyright tags where appropriate.

“The screen recording function is really useful,” says Dave. “In the past, people were saying they’d love to be able to screen record but couldn’t do it without licensing software. We tell them Gomo has screen recording and send them a demo—it’s easy for people to use and to get up and running.”

Leah agrees, saying, “You can utilize the tool in just a few clicks. We don’t have to use extra software that people might not have.”

In a Mobile-First World, Choose Learning That Looks Great on Any Device

At Gomo, we believe that getting content into the hands of your learners on any device should be simple—without any compromise on quality or complex technical challenges.

For Johnson Controls, whose employees could be working in any location at any time, this is a must. “The learning is device-agnostic, mobile-friendly and mobile-first, so people can use it when they’re out in the field,” says Dave.

Many learners, such as technicians, are viewing videos when they're on the move, with clients and customers, or in non-traditional workplace settings. Technical instructors also use the platform to teach employees on company iPads during classroom-based training sessions. They are able to easily search for, access and show videos to learners on tablets.

Multi-Lingual Learning: Rapidly and Accurately Translating Training Content

To support 120,000 employees globally, Gomo’s translation capabilities—which support over 150 languages—is an opportunity for Johnson Controls to ensure no-one misses out on knowledge.

“We really do have learning teams based worldwide,” says Dave. “In the past, we’d have to go out to a translation company, wait for the translations and upload them ourselves. With Gomo Video’s automatic translation capabilities, I think this is one area that’s going to grow exponentially, especially with us being a global organization."

Adds Dave, "It’s very rare for us to hear about any technical issues, and when we do it can usually be fixed right away."

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  • 2,828 user-generated videos created in 20 months
  • 896 hours of video learning created
  • 115,000 employees able to access video learning
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