A laptop, mobile phone and digital tablet demonstrating a responsive course

gomo’s offline learning solution gives your employees the freedom to learn wherever they are and whenever they need to access learning content. With gomo, offline learners are only ever a click, swipe or a tap away from your training program, downloadable for free to any device. Employees can access all of the learning content they download, complete with the full app experience, even if they don’t have an Internet connection. And you won’t miss out on all-important offline learner data, which is fully tracked with powerful Experience API (xAPI or Tin-Can) analytics and is automatically sent back to gomo once the offline device is reconnected.

Beautiful courses on any screen

All of the courses delivered through offline learning by the gomo central app are fully responsive and adaptive, and delivered in pure HTML5. This means they work perfectly and offer full functionality on any device, any screen size, any orientation.

Engaging learning anywhere in the world

Once employees have downloaded their chosen learning content to their device, they can access all of the topics, complete with the full app experience, even if they aren’t connected to the Internet. Whether your learners are commuting via bus, train or plane, or on a construction site in a remote area, your content will look great and your learners will be able to enjoy an interactive, multimedia learning experience.

A business man using his mobile phone for offline learning on the tube

Saving time, suiting users

Learners are time-poor and on the move. They need to be able to learn as they go, on the device they choose, without using up their data and at a time that suits them. gomo’s offline learning means they can build job-related knowledge without needing to be at a desk or have a permanent Internet/Wi-Fi connection.

In-depth tracking – even when learners are offline

gomo offers online and offline xAPI analytics, tracking the entire user journey. This gives you the peace of mind to know that your learners can complete the learning and you can monitor their learning activity, even if they can’t access Wi-Fi or Internet connectivity. You can find out which activities learners took, which pages were the most popular and which sections learners found tricky.

A laptop showing analytics

Your courses stay updated

One of the big benefits of offline learning is the convenience it offers to your workforce, but they might miss out on important knowledge if the material is out of date. When the tablet or smartphone re-establishes an Internet connection, the gomo central app compares the current content available to your learner with the latest version you have created. If updates are available, the changes are made – and your learners have the latest knowledge at their fingertips.

Timely learning

If your employees need a quick burst of learning before an important meeting, or some product knowledge updating just as they’re about to make sales pitches, being able to access the right content without an Internet connection can make all the difference. Offline learning gives them the confidence of knowing they can take the knowledge with them.

Discover the ease, elegance and simplicity of gomo’s offline learning for yourself with our free 21-day trial.