Gomo Authoring Feature Demo

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September 20, 3:30pm BST/9:30am CT

Find out how Gomo can help you build a learning experience that works for everyone in this accessibility-focused demo.

When it comes to improving your content’s accessibility, you’ll find no shortage of incentives. It’s not just about achieving regulatory compliance—it’s about making sure that every member of your workforce is getting the most out of your carefully crafted content.

In this demo, we’ll explore the many and varied features that make Gomo your accessibility ally. Join us to discover:

  • How Gomo’s themes give your content the gift of consistency, allowing you to make sure visual elements like color hues align with accessibility guidelines
  • Which interactions may cause issues for certain users—and how to seamlessly offer alternatives that ensure an engaging and immersive eLearning experience
  • How to deploy various captioning options, including alt text for images and subtitles for video assets

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