Gomo Authoring Feature Demo

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September 27, 3:30pm BST/9:30am CT

Immerse yourself in an extensive library of eLearning assets and master Gomo’s variety of stimulating content elements in this new feature demo.

A good eLearning course doesn’t just offer top-notch knowledge—it also presents that information in a variety of compelling and occasionally interactive ways. Gomo is brimming with presentation, question, and media assets that are sure to help you captivate your learners.

Join us for an in-depth look at the library of assets at your disposal.

  • Image layout assets, ranging from the humble static image to alternatives like carousels, comic strips, and zoomable graphics
  • Accordions that offer a fun and hands-on approach to displaying and revealing text
  • Question interactions that take the form of Likert scales, drag and drop, graphic-based dropdowns, and more

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