How EE Delivers eLearning at Scale [Webinar Recording]

Watch the recording

In the webinar, ‘How EE Delivers eLearning at Scale,’ gomo’s Mike Alcock and EE’s Lead Media Designer Andy Charalambides reveal the steps EE took to completely transform its workplace learning.

Before adopting gomo’s cloud-based authoring tool, Andy reveals that EE’s learning content was outdated, unengaging and time-consuming—both for learners to complete and for their L&D team to create. EE’s L&D team knew they wanted to transfer all their learning design in-house, with a cloud-based solution that allowed designers to collaborate on course creation.

Access the webinar recording to discover:

  • how the tool quickly helped EE solve their own learning challenges
  • ways that designers can create a course quickly and easily
  • insights showing how responsive design encourages learner engagement

Watch the recording.

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