The gomo app displayed on a smartphone

Instant access on any device

Once learners have downloaded the app from the app store, they can login and access all of their gomo courses within the app, ready to be used either directly or as downloadable material. gomo uses responsive and adaptive design in HTML5, so your offline learning content fills the screen and looks great on any device.

Build skills without a connection

When your employees are out of the office or on the go, their Internet connection may be intermittent or unreliable. With gomo, the full learning-app experience is in their hands – even if they aren’t online.

Learning on the move

As long as learners have their device and the gomo central app, they can access all the information they need, wherever they are. That means they can access learning content on a train, plane or anywhere they choose.

A laptop, tablet and smartphone all showing the same course

Full tracking for every user

It’s good to know your learners can access courses on the go, but you also want to see how they’re responding to your training programs. Rather than just finding out whether your users have taken a course, gomo lets you see the device they used, what score they got on quizzes and assessments, which questions provided stumbling blocks and a range of other essential insights.

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Analytics you can trust

Learning courses distributed through the gomo central app are fully tracked with powerful Experience API (xAPI or Tin-Can) analytics. The data is automatically sent back to you once the device used by the learner has an Internet connection, allowing you to measure the impact of your learning programs.

A laptop showing analytics

Automatic course updates

Updating courses and keeping your learners fully up-to-date is a seamless experience with gomo. Each time a device connects to the Internet, the app checks for updates across all of your courses and pushes the latest edition to the app – the whole world then sees the new version.

Learning distribution made easy

While learners have easy access to a user-friendly app, L&D teams have a simple way of quickly distributing content to learners at scale. Content is delivered with a single click.

No need for app store approval

The gomo central app takes all the time, costs and hassle out of creating an app, giving you the confidence to concentrate fully on creating the training content that learners need to succeed.

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