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Gomo is trusted by global organizations to create and deliver beautiful eLearning.

Our eLearning authoring tool is simple to use, yet still offers advanced features loved by learning designers. Our cloud-based software makes it easy for global L&D teams to work collaboratively, while our delivery options allow for instant content updates.

We take the hard work out of creating visually stunning courses that your learners can access anytime, on any device.

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Gomo is a product that embodies the functionality and capability needed by today's modern learning organization. - Michael Rochelle, Brandon Hall Group

Our history: staying true to our learning design roots

When we say that our authoring tool was built with learning design requirements in mind, we really mean it!

Gomo started life in Brighton (UK), as the in-house authoring tool for LEO Learning, which formed when Epic and LINE merged. Launched as one of the world’s first cloud-based, HTML5 eLearning authoring tools in 2010, Gomo was designed specifically to deliver best-practice learning design.

This allowed us to create a robust authoring tool that’s grounded in learning theory. Gomo is still the go-to choice for LEO’s learning experts, and to this day we continue to evolve our feature roadmap with input from both LEO and our enterprise customers’ global L&D teams.

In 2014, Gomo launched as a standalone commercial authoring tool, as part of Learning Technologies Group, a growing group of market-leading learning and talent management solutions. We’ve continually evolved our feature list to adapt and change with shifting market needs, and in 2020, we completely refreshed the look and feel of our user interfaceto make Gomo more instinctive to use than ever before.

If I look at how our designers felt pre-Gomo, compared to how they feel now, there’s been a huge growth of self-confidence. Team members were formerly responsible for any and all aspects of the course: Gomo has allowed designers to move into specialisms, as digital designers, instructional designers, media designers. It used to sometimes take weeks to get projects through the process—we can now turn a course around in a day.

- Pinda Dhillon, Director of Learning and Development

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Part of Learning Technologies Group

Gomo is proud to be part of Learning Technologies Group, alongside these other great learning businesses:

Learning Technologies Group (LTG) has been created with the purpose of building a market-leading business of substance and scale within the exciting and fast-growing learning technologies and talent management sectors. It is a dynamic and steadily growing group of specialist learning and talent businesses at the vanguard of this exciting sector.

LTG’s businesses are at the forefront of innovation and best-practice in the learning technology and talent management sectors, and have received numerous awards for their exceptional performance. LTG’s portfolio of brands represents the best of breed and they are acknowledged throughout the industry as market leaders.

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