Easy eLearning delivery with instant content updates

Make instant content updates with Gomo’s flexible delivery service

When you’re delivering eLearning courses at scale to a global audience, the last thing you need is an awkward upload process to your Learning Management System (LMS) slowing things down.

A quick delivery option should be flexible and allow for instant content updates to be made. Simple content changes can suddenly become a time-consuming and expensive task if your LMS is hosted by a third-party provider, or if you rely on your IT department to make multiple SCORM file updates.

Gomo Delivery takes the pain out of uploading (and updating) eLearning content into your LMS via our LMS Wrapper. No matter who runs your LMS—or even if you use multiple LMSs!

Publish to your LMS: Enjoy quick and easy content updates with Gomo’s LMS Wrapper

How does Gomo’s LMS wrapper work?

Gomo’s LMS Wrapper is designed to optimize your eLearning delivery workflow. Simply upload a file once into your LMS, and this then acts as a portal to your learning content. So your learners still access their content in their usual way, via their LMS.

Here’s the clever part. The actual learning content itself is hosted in your Gomo Delivery cloud account. So making content updates couldn’t be easier, as you make them in the cloud. Update once, hit publish, and all of your learners have instant access to the latest content.


Publish your course to Gomo Delivery and download your LMS Wrapper.

Upload your Wrapper to your LMS

Upload your LMS Wrapper just once to your LMS.


Any content updates made in Gomo delivery are instantly available in your LMS.

Gomo Delivery and LMS Wrapper FAQs

See the whole learner journey with advanced analytics

Gomo’s analytics dashboard goes above and beyond the standard reporting offered by your typical LMS (don’t worry though—it’s still fully compatible with your standard LMS reporting).

Rather than just seeing completion rates and final scores, Gomo’s provides insights into the whole learner journey.

Improve your learner journey with advanced user insights

Gomo’s Analytics Dashboard helps you understand how your learners interact with their eLearning. Discover insights such as:

  • How long did an individual spend on a single screen?
  • Which questions did they get right or wrong?
  • Whether your assessments are on-point (did everyone get question 10 wrong)?
  • How many of your learners used desktop vs mobile?

And if that wasn’t enough, the xAPI data that fuels your Analytics Dashboard is fully compatible with third-party Learning Record Stores (LRSs), such as our sister company Watershed.

Create and share eLearning courses outside of your LMS

This is a feature that often goes under the radar, but turns out to be incredibly useful! Gomo Delivery’s ‘Direct Link’ method lets your learners log in and access course content on any web browser.

This makes it perfect for creating‘pre-boarding’ content. It’s a great way to onboard new starters before they’ve joined. Learn more on this topic with our ebook ‘How your authoring tool can help improve your onboarding ROI’.

Publish courses using Gomo Central

If you want further control over who can access course content by the direct link share option, then Gomo Central may be for you. This simple learner portal allows you to register users and assign them to groups. You can then assign courses to the groups.

Gomo Central allows you to apply basic branding to the portal, and offers the option of offline learning.

To find out more about Gomo Central, get in touch.

Publish courses directly from Gomo Authoring

Anyone can publish course content directly from Gomo Authoring.

You can export your courses from Gomo authoring in the following standards:

  • SCORM 1.2
  • SCORM 2004 (v3 and v4)
  • And xAPI (defined and undefined endpoints)

Cloud-based authoring

Collaborative eLearning has never been so simple. Author anywhere. Deliver everywhere.

Learn more about cloud-based authoring

Responsive eLearning

eLearning should work on any device, in any orientation. With Gomo responsive design comes as standard.

Learn more about responsive eLearning

Perfect for enterprise

Gomo is the perfect choice as your go-to enterprise eLearning authoring tool. Our enterprise packages are loved by some of the world’s biggest brands.

explore our enterprise eLearning tool

Theme libraries

Building beautiful, consistent, and on-brand eLearning couldn't be easier.

Explore Gomo's customizable themes

Hosting security

Learn more about how we keep your data safe with our secure cloud-based hosting.

Find out more about secure cloud-based hosting

Full feature list

Take a closer look at the technical specification of Gomo's learning authoring tool with our full feature list.

Explore Gomo's full feature list

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