As part of our ongoing ‘3 minute series’ of blog posts, we’re chatting to various members of the talented gomo team around the world to get to know them a bit better. If you haven’t already seen them, check out our previous ‘3 minutes’ Q&As with Director of Product Development Gavin Beddow, Business Development Manager in the US Thom Tate, Lead Test & Support Guru Pratibha Shah, Developers James Hough and James Gowen, Senior Mobile Architect Adam Fox, Marketing Operations Manager Elle Brown and Managing Director Mike Alcock.

Today we’re talking to Ryan Moynan, a talented gomo developer who loves spending his out-of-office time in the great outdoors and with his family.

Staff photo of gomo Developer, Ryan Moynan

Tell us about yourself – who are you?

I’m Ryan Moynan, one of the developers at gomo. I have a passion for technology, gadgets, futurism and generally all things geeky. At the weekends, I like to go on nice long walks in the countryside with my wife and dog and try to spend as much time with my family as I possibly can. I also try to keep fit by hitting the gym, getting out on my mountain bike and swimming on my lunch breaks. I’m a keen snowboarder and try to hit the slopes every winter.

What do you do at gomo?

I’m responsible for developing and maintaining the authoring portal APIs and front-end application. API stands for Application Programming Interface and acts as the engine of the authoring portal. The front-end application is the interface that communicates with API to display the data it is given.

Why do you love working at gomo?

First and foremost, because of the great team we have. Secondly, because of the wide range of technologies we are able to use to make gomo a best product it can be. I also love working at the Brighton office which is centrally located and only a minute from the stunning seafront.

What’s your greatest achievement?

Other than helping create the best eLearning authoring tool in the world, my greatest achievement is marrying my beautiful wife.

Finally, favorite chocolate bar and why?

My favorite chocolate bar has to be a Cadbury’s Boost. It’s the best because I love the soft caramel milk chocolate center mixed with the crunchy biscuit bits. It’s packed with glucose, so it literally does give you a ‘boost’… for when you’ve been working out, obviously.

The Boost chocolate bar, a favorite of gomo Develioper Ryan Moynan

We love getting to know people here at gomo, so if you want to find out more about us then get in touch to speak to a member of the team.

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