With DevLearn just around the corner, the gomo team are preparing for another trip to Las Vegas. Here are five reasons we’re looking forward to attending DevLearn:

1. Introducing our first US employee to our customers and DevLearn visitors

Miek and Thom

For the past few years, it’s been a British invasion as the gomo team fly over for our US exhibitions. However, we now have our first US employee and our office in Atlanta. This will be the first time we’ve had an American on our stand and we can’t wait to introduce Thom Tate (Business Development Manager, North America) to our friends and colleagues at DevLearn.

2. Unveiling the gomo app to the DevLearn crowds
gomo launched native app capability in the UK at Learning Technologies and DevLearn marks another opportunity for our US audience to see the app in action on the exhibition floor. We are really excited with what the app means for offline learning capability and cannot wait to share this with our friends in America.

3. Highlighting the new multilingual capabilities of gomo
gomo has added more multilingual features since our US outing at DevLearn in October 2015. The new multilingual capability allows users to build a single course with multiple languages and have full editing across all languages. This capability has been well received at all of our recent events and we look forward to wowing the crowds at DevLearn.


4. Meeting new people in the industry
As with any global exhibition, we are anticipating meeting lots of new faces. We love showcasing the gomo tool to those passionate about the power of multi-device learning and are always impressed by the knowledge of delegates at each exhibition we attend. We are not only excited to demonstrate the exciting new functionality we have to offer, but also to meet those in the industry who really care about how their learners consume content.

5. Exploring Las Vegas
Who wouldn’t be excited about a few days in Las Vegas? We expect to be partying hard after the exhibition has finished (and, of course, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas) but we’re also excited about seeing things like the Grand Canyon, the strip and everything else that this part of the USA has to offer.

devlearn 2016 las vegas

Will you be at Devlearn too? Meet us at booth 420 in the exhibition hall. If you would like to put us in touch with some recommendations or meet up for a drink with the gomo team, you can contact us as follows:
Mike Alcock (Managing Director)
Thom Tate (Business Development Manager, North America)
Gavin Beddow (Director of Product Development)

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