Following an action packed three days at ATD 2018, we thought we would take a look back at some highlights from this great industry event.

Before we talk about the expo itself, we must first mention the location. San Diego is a beautiful city. Whilst the gomo team woke up some mornings to a bit of light cloud, heading back after a day on the show floor to soak up the Californian sun was glorious. During our visit, the gomo team collectively managed to check out many of San Diego’s highlights. This included walks along the harbor, a visit to USS Midway, too many scooter rides to mention and a failed boat trip on the harbor – a story for another day.

The gomo team, Thom Tate, Gavin Beddow and Mike Alcock, at ATD 2018

So onto the ATD expo. Team gomo (that’s myself, MD Mike Alcock and Business Development Manager Thom Tate) thoroughly enjoyed the event. We’d like to thank everyone who dropped by our booth to see gomo in action and also discuss what they need from an authoring tool like gomo.

Some of key themes that emerged from ATD 2018 are:

Content anywhere, anytime is important

Many organizations recognize that their employees need to be able to access training anywhere and anytime (for example, when commuting or en-route to a meeting). With the gomo authoring solution, eLearning created in gomo is fully responsive, meaning that it will work on desktop, tablet and smartphone devices. Additionally, with the gomo hosting package, organizations can also make use of our mobile app, allowing learners to download eLearning content and use it offline.

Collaboration is key

Creating eLearning that meets the needs of learners requires a team effort. With the gomo authoring tool, teams can work collaboratively to create and update content. With the reviewer role in gomo authoring, Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) can also log comments and feedback during the build stages of a course. This ensures that learning content is fit for purpose prior to release.

Reducing the time to publish

For many organizations, publishing eLearning content to an existing internal platform can be a time-consuming, costly process. With the gomo learning suite, we have implemented a number of features to help streamline the process. This ensures you can get new or updated courses out to your employees quickly. These features include:

  1. Direct publish to NetDimensions
    With gomo authoring, we have implemented PENS publishing to enable content creators to directly publish to NetDimensions LMS. This route removes the need to download and manually upload published courses to the LMS.
  2. LMS Wrapper
    With the gomo hosting solution, organizations can make use of our LMS wrapper distribution option. With this route, organizations can deploy a small SCORM wrapper file to their LMS (or multiple LMSs), which loads the course content from gomo’s cloud platform. Any updates made to this course via gomo authoring will be instantly available to learners when it is launched from the LMS. This is all without the need to re-upload course packages or wait for them to be deployed.The gomo stand at ATD 2018 before the doors opened

ATD 2018: what a success!

Aside from the great conversations on the gomo booth, we were thrilled to be joined by our colleagues from Learning Technologies Group: LEO Learning, NetDimensions and Rustici Software, as well as our partners at Watershed. It was a real bonus to get to meet many colleagues across the group whom we speak to regularly but finally got the opportunity to meet in person.

ATD 2018 was a great success and we look forward to next year’s event. See you in Washington D.C!

Visitors to the gomo stand at ATD 2018 were treated to yummy ice cream

As always, if you want to find out more more about using gomo, get in touch today.


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