eLearning during a pandemic: The power of personalized learner journeys

eLearning during a pandemic: The power of personalized learner journeys

With the rapid changes we’ve experienced over the last 18+ months, companies have adapted almost everything—from the way they author and deliver training to how they keep learners engaged virtually. With challenges like learner engagement and employee isolation in mind, L&D departments will likely continue adapting learning programs to a new way of work for the foreseeable future.

In this extract from our ebook, ‘Learning through a pandemic: Real L&D stories to shape your content authoring strategy’, we look at how learning teams have future-proofed their workforces by harnessing the power of personalized learner journeys, why that’s important, and ways your authoring tool can help personalize your eLearning programs.

What are personalized learner journeys?

Personalized learning moves away from a “next-next-next” structure and is an important aspect of creating a seamless learner journey. Keeping learners engaged during remote work can be difficult but personalization can increase engagement.

An eLearning authoring tool that gives you the flexibility to create interesting, tailored content for an array of learners will help you create personalized learner journeys.

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How learners have been impacted

It was recognized that there was a greater need for enhanced learner engagement to improve the overall learner experience. The ability to provide learners with localized content in multiple languages (and with regional or cultural nuances in mind) ensures that content is accessible for the various learning requirements.

This includes displaying scenarios, imagery, and assessments that are relevant to the individual learner. Pandemic or not, learning programs marched on and organizations were able to deliver a more meaningful and personalized experience—one that still continues today.

How can personalized learner journeys be adapted into your current program?

Dynamic branching scenarios can be explored by job role or location. If you’re a learning designer, take the time to understand individual learner needs and create variables to tailor their experience. You can also set display conditions and build interactive screens so you can craft a learner journey that maximizes engagement and meets individual learner requirements.

Moreover, the authoring tool can be packaged into a multi-language shareable content object (SCO) to include role filtering—ensuring the content will be relevant for all. For example, the details of a financial product in Japan may differ from one in the US. Gomo can capture that information, sending the learner through to the most relevant pieces of content for them.

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Learning through a pandemic: Real L&D stories to shape your content authoring strategy

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