The Experience API or xAPI specification is the talk of many an exhibition seminar today, with the idea of being able to truly measure the learning experience getting teams around the world pretty fired up. The xAPI specification was co-created by our partner company Rustici Software as a less rigid elearning standard than SCORM. It allows elearning departments to measure training programs more easily.

With the right technical wizardry, it’s possible to use the xAPI specification to track basically anything, across systems and outside of traditional training confines. Here at gomo, however, our attention is focused on helping people create the best and most beautiful elearning, which is why gomo comes pre-configured with an xAPI analytics dashboard to give training teams a real-time snapshot of how your learners, and learning, are doing.

xAPI specification

What makes the xAPI specification great?

SCORM is a 2D, black and white look at elearning

SCORM, the accepted standard of elearning, is great for ensuring an authoring tool and LMS will play nicely together. In other words, the content you create will work seamlessly when you upload it to an LMS. It’s not so great, however, as a method of tracking elearning, with little data available beyond quiz scores and time lapsed in a course – so it’s very course specific. The xAPI specification is the new standard, which brings training measurement into vivid HD color, presenting all kinds of data to assist training teams understand what learners are and aren’t doing, where they’re based, what devices they’re using and loads more.

Track the experience across devices

Learning is an experience, so it’s important we can understand the when, why and how of our audience in order to create learning which meets their requirements and suits their needs. It goes without saying that devices are and will continue to be an important vehicle for learning, but SCORM doesn’t help teams understand how learners are picking up training. Knowing how staff consume learning has a huge impact on learning design – why focus on desktop as the primary vehicle for delivery if 60% of learners are using their smartphone, or vice versa?

xAPI data from the gomo analytics dashboard

xAPI can be configured to track whatever you like, although it will require you to have the expertise either in-house or through a vendor. Because we know that isn’t always possible, the gomo learning suite comes with a pre-configured dashboard of xAPI tools to help give you a wealth of insight that SCORM can’t. gomo tracks the following as standard:

  • who has (or hasn’t) taken the training
  • training dates
  • results (this includes completions, passes and failures)
  • device types (desktop/tablet/smartphone)
  • activities report (including individual questions and answers)

To try out the xAPI specification and get an idea of the insight you can gain into your learners and learning with xAPI, why not enjoy a 21-day free trial of gomo.

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