Cloud authoring

I remember when the only way to acquire new software was by heading to stores like PC world, buying a big box with a CD-Rom within and heading home to install it on my parent’s Windows 98 machine. Even with the journey aside, the install took my computer out of action for the best part of an hour, it was quite a long-winded affair. This was back when I was at school, so I can’t even begin to imagine the hassle of installing a new programme on ten or dare I say it, a hundred computers in an office.

Today, I completely take using software online for granted – I’m writing this very blog online and love being able to check in from my phone, personal computer and work laptop and just crack on. By 2018, 59% of cloud usage will be software as a service workloads (SaaS -aka, running things like gomo), which shows that the cloud isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

There are huge benefits to cloud authoring – building your e-learning content through the web saves time, allows for collaboration, keeps your IT teams happy and so much more.

man carrying a cardboard cutout of a cloud
Here are just a few reasons why cloud authoring is great…

Login is much quicker than install

Even if you include the fiddly bit of putting in your card details and setting a password, there is literally just minutes between deciding to buy a cloud authoring tool and actually using it. If you’re looking to develop courses rapidly, it’s essential that you can get on with things straight away, which is exactly the case with cloud authoring. No downloads, IT department sign off, just great e-learning authoring.


When you pay for a cloud authoring tool, it comes as standard that subsequent updates to the product will come for free. What’s more is that you don’t have to do anything to access the updated version, you just sign in through your browser and voila, all updates, improvements and fixes have taken effect.

Pay as you go

Some teams, whether an e-learning vendor or an internal L&D team, will only need to use certain authoring tools for certain projects, or may only need an authoring tool once every quarter. With cloud authoring, you don’t need to stump up the cash for a per year licence, you can pick it up and drop it off as you need to. This is great because it not only lowers the cost, but allows you to use budgets efficiently to create the best content you and your team need to.


‘Collaborate’ is quite the buzzword, so it can be difficult to understand what that means when you’re actually using a tool. Because cloud authoring tools are cloud authoring tools, your projects and assets are stored remotely, a whole team can access them to work on them. This takes many forms, from managers delegating work out per project or screen to subject matter experts and others signing in to review and leave notes and feedback. Working in track changes, over email trails and with multiple versions of documents can make a team less effective, so it’s great to be able to strip things back to basics through cloud authoring and keep everyone singing off the same hymn sheet.


Cyber security is a huge concern for individuals and organisations, such it’s unsurprising that hosting e-learning content and assets within a cloud authoring solution gives people the heebie-jeebies. I can’t speak for all cloud authoring solutions, but gomo is hosted on Amazon servers -millions of people trust Amazon with card details and last minute christmas deliveries, so there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t trust gomo.

The pros of cloud authoring go on – content updates, authoring from anywhere, cloud hosting and distribution… I’ll keep things brief for now, though.

illustration of gomo workflows

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