Gomo ranked as a leader in 2019 Aragon Research Tech Spectrum™ for sales coaching and learning [press release]

Gomo has been positioned as a Leader in the 2019 Aragon Research Tech Spectrum™ for Sales Coaching and Learning for helping sales organizations elevate their results and achievement levels. According to the report, Gomo’s strengths include its easy-to-use authoring tool and video features that help meet the demands of sales teams.

The inaugural report evaluated 14 major providers of sales coaching and learning tools to help organizations select vendors who will help drive results for sales teams. Aragon Research defines Leaders as organizations who offer a robust suite of tools that strategically align with industry direction and market demand.

“Business leaders are facing mounting pressure to improve performance and make learning a continuous part of work,” said Gavin Beddow, Managing Director of Gomo. “Gomo’s technology can meet both onboarding and ongoing training demands by allowing sales teams to create and access eLearning content anywhere, on any device through Gomo’s cloud-based architecture.”

Gomo Video lets teams create, caption, translate, and chapter videos in minutes and instantly share them through the cloud. Unique for sales teams, Gomo Video can be accessed on the go, whether on the way to a sales meeting or while on a virtual sales call. Salespeople can quickly search for and review training videos, and apply it to help close a deal. Gomo Video makes virtual sales coaching scalable through online distribution of new video content and through video role play and assessments too.

The Gomo learning suite combines eLearning authoring, video, hosting and analytics to allow companies to create, host, update, distribute and track dynamic multi-device eLearning anywhere.

"Sales leaders need to easy-to-use learning technologies to help them quickly create captivating training content for their sales teams,” said Jim Lundy, Founder, CEO and Lead Analyst at Aragon Research. “Providers like Gomo, with its unique capabilities in video, hosting, and analytics, are helping organizations bring learning and development efforts together to ultimately drive business impact.”

The full report by Aragon Research can be found here.

About Gomo

The Gomo learning suite provides three multi-award-winning products that allow you to create, host, update, distribute and track beautiful multi-device eLearning. With Gomo authoring, you can create truly responsive and adaptive HTML5 content that looks perfect on all devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones. With Gomo hosting and analytics, you can get content into the hands of learners instantly via websites, direct link, QR code, the Gomo LMS wrapper, social media, the Gomo central mobile learning app and more—all with full xAPI analytics. And with Gomo video, you can repurpose, enhance, disseminate and track video content with speed and confidence.

With an ever-growing client base including L’Oréal, Nike, Jaguar Land Rover, Comcast, Squarespace, Shell, EE, Vodafone, the BCC, Foreign and Commonwealth Office and many more. Gomo is quickly becoming the established choice for global organizations seeking collaborative, future-proof, and responsive HTML5 multi-device eLearning.

Gomo is part of Learning Technologies Group plc’s award-winning group of specialist learning technology businesses.

For more, visit gomolearning.com.

Aragon Research Disclaimer

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