BBC Academy chooses Gomo Learning [Press Release]

Gomo learning, the multi-device authoring suite vendor, has today announced that the BBC has selected Gomo as the authoring tool of choice for use by the BBC Academy.

Following a full public tender exercise, Gomo learning is delighted to announce that the BBC is the latest global organization to choose Gomo. The win comes hot on the heels of recent successes at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, Rentokil Initial, EE, KPMG, and PWC.

The BBC has taken the full Gomo learning suite (authoring, hosting and analytics) as well as training and a custom Gomo theme.

The BBC required a supplier to provide an interactive online course authoring tool to produce learning content suitable for use in their learning management system (LMS), utilizing the SCORM packaging format.

The BBC Academy was looking for a provider who was able to demonstrate a high level of knowledge and experience in the following areas:

  • Interactive content and experiences
  • Social tools
  • Mobile learning
  • Responsive Design
  • Recording and measuring engagement, effectiveness (i.e. online rating), activity, completion

The chosen system had to have the following features:

  • Easy to edit items when building courses
  • Intuitive - could be given to trainer or SME without too much training
  • Visually appealing to user and easy to navigate/personalize

Number one in the list of ‘must have’ features was the ability to access the platform and functions via a web browser. This meant that desktop tools were not considered at all for this procurement – a growing trend in most of the recent tenders that Gomo has responded to. Organizations like the BBC Academy are now looking for the benefits of cloud-based solutions such as Gomo – online access through a browser, no downloads, full collaboration, shared resources, and more.

Another big requirement was Responsive design – an area that Gomo excels in. The BBC wanted to build once with the output automatically re-sizing to fit all screen sizes and operating systems once published. Gomo produces responsive and adaptive HTML5 that does just this, unlike many other ‘responsive’ authoring tools where the user has to design 5 layouts - desktop, smartphone, tablet, landscape, and portrait. The BBC also wanted a simple preview option of how the output will look on the different screen sizes and support for vertical scrolling, all standard Gomo features.

Other features required by the BBC were accessibility, multiple browser support, hosting, analytics and easy multilingual capabilities. All of these are standard Gomo capabilities.

“Gomo has come a long way in less than 3 years and it’s great to see the adoption of the product by some of the world’s leading organizations such as the BBC. We’ve built Gomo to meet the needs of global organizations and this is reflected in our blue chip, global client list. Features such as cloud-based authoring, responsive HTML5 output, full collaboration, integrated workflow and dynamic LMS updating are now major ‘tick list’ items on most authoring tool tenders . We look forward to seeing more companies benefit from Gomo’s unique feature set”. – Mike Alcock, Gomo Managing Director

The Gomo learning suite is made up of Gomo authoring, which in 2016 was voted the number 1 authoring tool in the world by e-learning guru and speaker Craig Weiss, and Gomo hosting and analytics, a cloud-based distribution suite that gives organizations multiple publishing options to reach learners effectively. Collectively, this allows organizations to build, host, update and track multi-device learning from $178 a month.

More information, including a free trial, can be found on the Gomo learning website.

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