Gold for Gomo at Brandon Hall Technology Awards

Gomo learning is ecstatic to have won a gold award in the prestigious Brandon Hall Group Technology Awards last night for Best Advance in Content Authoring Technology.

This is among the highest of accolades an authoring tool can achieve and a testament to the pioneering development of the Gomo team over the last twelve months. This award follows a silver Brandon Hall Award also for Best Advance In Content Authoring Technology in 2014.

The Gomo learning suite, which launched in January 2015, takes Gomo beyond eLearning authoring and integrates a cloud hosting, distribution and analytics suite, allowing teams to seamlessly create, deliver, update and analyze multi-device learning, with or without an LMS.

Brandon Hall is known for their stringent judging process, with over 50 categories and entries from around the globe plus a judging panel made up of independent senior experts and Brandon Hall Senior Analysts and Executives.

Managing Director Mike Alcock said: "This is an amazing achievement for such a new product and a huge validation of what the Gomo team have been building for the last two years. The introduction of the Gomo learning suite makes Gomo significantly different from traditional authoring tools with integrated hosting and analytics for instant content distribution. We believe that we have a unique set of capabilities and that Brandon Hall has recognized this with a Gold award."

To find out why Brandon Hall gave us gold, begin your free trial of Gomo today using the link below.

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