Gomo named a Core Leade r’ on the Fosway Group’s 9-Grid™ for Authoring Systems [Press release]

Great news on the kudos front: Gomo’s award-winning authoring suite has improved its ranking in the 2017 Fosway Group 9-Grid™ authoring systems report.

Europe’s #1 independent HR analyst Fosway Group has boosted Gomo learning suite’s ranking for their 2017 report on top eLearning authoring tools from the position of ‘Core Challenger’ to ‘Core Leader’.

“Core Leaders are those with a very good track record of enterprise win rate, customer delivery and advocacy,” commented Gomo Managing Director Mike Alcock. “Gomo’s unique capabilities, including hosting and analytics, are allowing our customers to do so much more than just content authoring. Getting content into learners hands instantly, whether via an LMS, native app, website or social media channel is what our customers are benefiting from with the full Gomo learning suite.”

Fosway Group's authoring systems report

Fosway Group’s 2017 authoring tool report signals some significant trends for authoring tools, including the importance of multi-device/BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) capabilities, as well as responsive design and HTML5, all of which have long been part and parcel of Gomo’s SaaS offering.

Solutions such as Gomo’s responsive design, as well as the ability to allow video and user-generated content, were cited by the report as the ‘new normal’ for buyers. “The time when learning authoring was only about eLearning is pretty much over,” the report states. “Solutions that enable the creation of learning experiences, that touch each stage of the learning cycle are going to change the scope of functionality of authoring tools over the next 10 years. This means that authoring is going to become about ‘engagement triggers’ as much as content.”

Mike Alcock stated, “If that’s the future, then the future is now with Gomo because we’re already delivering these capabilities. The introduction of the Gomo learning suite, with integrated hosting and analytics for instant content distribution, makes Gomo significantly different from traditional authoring tools. We believe that we have a unique set of cloud-based capabilities and that has been recognized with this improved ranking.”

About Gomo

Since Gomo’s launch in 2014, its hassle-free, multi-device learning suite has won multiple awards including two Brandon Hall awards for the Best Advance in Content Authoring Technology. It was named the #1 authoring tool in the world in 2016 by industry expert Craig Weiss and, in 2017, Gomo featured on Training Industry’s list of ‘Top 20 Authoring Tools’. Gomo’s global customer base includes organizations such as Jaguar Land Rover, L’Oreal, British Airways, EE, PwC, Volvo, Santander and Deloitte.

The full 2017 Fosway 9-Grid™ for Authoring Systems is now available online here.

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