Gomo named one of the world’s top eLearning authoring tools

With such a wide variety of options available to organizations looking to revolutionize their learning, it’s always encouraging for our team to see Gomo rank highly on end-of-year lists of top eLearning authoring tools.

We’ve consistently been named as one of the top eLearning authoring tools in the world by The Craig Weiss Group over the years, and it’s gratifying to know that the reasons why we keep scoring highly chime with the main aim of our authoring and hosting suite: to give people hassle-free, multi-device publishing.

Beautiful learning courses made easy

One of Gomo’s strengths, according to the top authoring tools rundown, is its ease of use for people in organizations who might not have much technical knowledge or previous experience of building eLearning courses using eLearning software.

You don’t need to have programming skills, coding wizardry or a background in learning design to get started – Gomo makes it all incredibly easy with a drag and drop interface and ‘ease of use’ as part of the DNA of the product.

Within ten minutes, a user of any ability can get up and running with Gomo. By following a few simple steps, you can:

  • Upload images, audio, and video for a first project
  • Duplicate and customize our stylish, ready-made themes to give the project a unique look and feel
  • Create the project and set its configuration
  • Incorporate a huge range of content into the template
  • Share the preview version with colleagues using a range of devices and, finally, publish the course

Accessible online and offline learning

Part of The Craig Weiss Group’s praise for Gomo focuses on its offline capabilities and native HTML5 web app called Gomo central, which is an essential aspect in giving accessibility to a wide range of learners at their convenience.

We believe that being offline or in an area with an unreliable Internet connection shouldn’t pose a barrier to learning. With Gomo, offline learning is almost always available to learners, irrespective of the device they are using and their location.

For L&D teams serving mobile workforces, the creation of great learning content seems a waste if their colleagues cannot access that material. This can be especially true if they want to use it at the point of need – perhaps when they have a few minutes spare before an important client meeting or are on a construction site where they would not otherwise have specific guidance to hand.

Gomo's app also ensures that any learning carried out offline is tracked through powerful xAPI (also known as Tin Can) tracking. When learners are back online, their learning journey is communicated back to the server, giving the learning team the opportunity to understand how they interacted with a course and build a wider picture of the elements of a training program that are particularly popular.

Top eLearning authoring tools use the cloud

One of the key characteristics of top eLearning authoring tools, as Craig Weiss discussed in his webinar with Gomo Managing Director Mike Alcock, is the use of SaaS (Software as a Service) – meaning courses that are hosted centrally. If you’d like to see Craig’s full ranking list for 2017, click here.

The authoring tool market, in general, has been slow to adapt to the possibilities provided by SaaS, such as shared courses and resources, integrated review capabilities and seamless collaboration among global teams. However, at Gomo, we understand how cloud-based authoring can benefit our clients and have incorporated these features into the authoring tool suite.

Our innovative use of the cloud is one of the reasons why we have received excellent feedback from our customers, who find it saves them time, money and resources and helps to deliver high-quality learning at scale.

Let Gomo supercharge your eLearning

Gomo is proud to be recognized as one of the best authoring tools in the world, and our goal is to continue to evolve and stay ahead of the curve for our customers.

Find out more! Check out our ebook, ‘12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool’.

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