Gomo recognized on eLearning Industry’s list of best eLearning authoring tools of 2022

Gomo, the cloud-based, multi-device eLearning authoring and delivery tool, has been recognized as one of eLearning Industry’s Best eLearning Authoring Tools of 2022. The listing recognizes Gomo’s eLearning authoring tool for its ease of use and powerful, high-quality set of features and capabilities.

Some of the product features highlighted in eLearning Industry’s ‘Best eLearning Authoring Tools of 2022’ include:

  • Easy to use but powerful. Intuitive to use, Gomo features a drag-and-drop interface that is full of powerful interactive features. Learning designers love its advanced features such as branching scenarios and question banks.
  • Cloud-based. This authoring tool can be accessed anywhere, anytime through any modern web browser, enabling global L&D teams to overcome traditional challenges of software downloads, working remotely, and across different timezones.
  • Create a single course that works for different audiences. Gomo allows you to build content efficiently. Supporting over 260 different languages and with options to localize content, your message remains relevant—wherever your learners are located.

Dive a little deeper and see why eLearning Industry chose Gomo:

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