At gomo, we take pride in helping organizations with complex compliance training and certification needs. Here’s the story of how we’ve saved time and solved a range of challenges for one of our global clients.

As a large financial services group with a global reach, one of gomo’s US clients maintains and provides training and certification for a huge number of learners across the world. Their audience includes individuals, associate members and partners, and the number of course launches they experience rises to 1.5 million during the certification window.

Before they started using gomo’s eLearning authoring, enterprise video, and hosting and analytics tool, the organization’s extremely busy learning team had concerns about their outdated in-house technology. The age of their existing systems posed potential security risks, and updating very old technology was a complex – if not impossible – challenge.

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When speaking to potential solutions providers, the company’s L&D managers had been quoted time frames of between one and two years to provide a new system that gave them the full functionality they needed.

They also found that suppliers were unable to fully meet all of their compliance needs. Once they began working with gomo, however, they quickly discovered they were part of a truly effective partnership that went beyond a vendor-user relationship.

Solving the hosting challenge and instantly updating courses

As well as rock-solid cloud-based hosting and ultra-reliable, always-on servers, gomo’s storage scales to meet demand and automatically checks for updates. gomo’s revolutionary LMS wrapper, meanwhile, turns huge courses uploads into files a fraction of the size.

These are features that make a major difference to productivity. When tweaks need to be made, there’s no need to go through a complicated, bandwidth-heavy uploading and publishing process.

“You can imagine the pain of uploading a file multiple times into multiple systems,” says one learning manager at the organization. “Now we can publish to gomo and it’s instantly available to the users of that particular course. gomo hosting has really helped us to deliver to a global audience with just one publish. That has been a game-changer for us, for sure.”

Providing hassle-free learning to an extended enterprise

From one-hour courses to week-long certificates, organizations that provide industry training often have to deal with a wide range of requirements. When you have the flexibility to serve each client’s unique requirements, that can only enhance your reputation within your industry. With gomo, the organization can set up its partners for a whole series of courses, distributing updates instantly. No extra work is needed from either party.

“In the past, that had been problematic for learners in terms of course updates,” says the learning manager. “We have third-party clients who use their own LMS. They would have to do a lot of extra work to reset and reload whatever they were working on.”

Compliance training and certification: making the most of a variety of authoring tool features

The organization’s courses can be complex. For example, a week-long course may involve 40 hours of learning for a single credit. To make this more accessible to learners, they use gomo’s content bank feature, breaking up exam questions and building subsets of the master course containing only the questions appropriate to each subset of the course.

The organization takes advantage of other gomo features including:

  • Scored and unscored questions
  • iFrames and video display features
  • Multimedia content to make text more engaging

In the past, these kind of assets and variables often needed to be hand-coded by the learning team. With gomo, a one-hour module that used to take up to 10 business days to initially develop can now be produced in three days. “The volume of our course production has tripled in the four years that we have been using gomo,” adds an L&D Director at the organization.

When new arrivals are hired, getting them up to speed with gomo is easy – and they usually start developing training content on their own “very quickly”, according to the organization.

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Seizing the potential of video learning

With a growing global client base, our client plans to make increasing use of gomo video, together with its powerful automatic captioning and multi-language features.

A good example is their current work on translating a cybersecurity program into Mandarin Chinese with gomo video’s rapid translation capabilities.

Working together to continuously improve compliance training and certification

At gomo, we pride ourselves on creating a continuous partnership with our clients from the outset. We know that supporting an organization of this scale requires a diligent, highly attentive approach, and that responsiveness is required when issues arise or enhancements are suggested.

This partnership is a great example of how our team of experts can help drive learning success within an organization. “It’s nice and refreshing,” our client says of our relationship. “I’ve most appreciated the availability of the gomo team – it gives us reassurance.”

A photo of two people in an office taking part in compliance training and certification

Want to see how gomo can transform your learning too? We’d love to help. To discover the power of gomo’s award-winning authoring, enterprise video, and hosting and analytics capabilities for yourself, get in touch today.

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