If you’re already a gomo customer, you’ll know how simple it is to design e-learning for mobile and tablet. Not only does gomo output responsive, adaptive content, but the recent gomo 2.1 update with its addition of display conditions makes it easier than ever to tailor each version of your course for different devices. If you’re new to the world of multi-device design, here are some of our top tips to get the look and feel right first time round.


Generally speaking, the smaller the screen, the less text you should be using. If you’re designing e-learning for mobile, your learners don’t want to be scrolling through screen after screen of plain text, so keep it brief. On a similar note, the font you choose will need to be very clear, and you must choose a size which will be visible on all screens.


Detailed diagrams and images won’t be especially mobile-friendly, forcing users to zoom in and out to see everything in the same detail they would on a larger screen. When you are designing e-learning for mobile, make sure your images are bold and clear, and remember the colours may display differently on a phone or tablet than a desktop.


All smartphone users know the frustration of waiting for a too-large video to stream on their mobiles, leading to annoying buffering and pausing. Keep videos short, sharp and snappy to avoid long waiting times for the best user experience, especially if you are opting to create a web app which uses an internet connection, rather than a native app.


Some activities in your course may work fine with a mouse or a keyboard, but touchscreens give you a whole new level of interactivity to widen your scope. When designing e-learning for mobile and tablet, think about experimenting with touch functionality to swipe, pinch, spin, drag and explore your content to give the best experience for each device. gomo really is the quickest way to build your own multi-device learning, whether you are designing e-learning for mobile exclusively or for a range of devices. From just £49 a month, you can create beautiful content with no programming skills necessary, tailoring it to your devices for the optimum user experience. To see gomo in action, join MD Mike Alcock for a live webinar of gomo 2.1 to find out more about our responsive, adaptive multi-device authoring tool.

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