So we’re saying goodbye to DevLearn 2016 and what a show it was! As always, The eLearning Guild put on a fantastic event. The organization, venue and of course Las Vegas were all fantastic. The event also allowed us to introduce Thom Tate (our new US Business Development Manager) to our existing customers who stopped by our booth for a catch up and to new prospective customers who dropped by for a demonstration of the gomo learning suite.

DevLearn 2016 demo

The number of visitors to our booth exceeded all expectations and we are super excited about following up with everyone over the coming weeks. Following two busy days on the show floor Mike, Thom and I caught up on the conversations and themes we saw during the event. When reflecting on the conversations and demonstrations that we had, a number of clear themes emerged.

xAPI analytics

This seems to be growing more and more popular as we attend each event. Not only are people looking to adopt xAPI within their organization, some have the capability in place already and are looking for an elearning authoring tool that can produce xAPI trackable content. The gomo learning suite can deliver on both fronts:

  • The gomo authoring tool can produce xAPI enabled elearning that can track to your own LMS
  • The gomo hosting and analytics platform is built using xAPI from the ground up, providing multiple distribution options and xAPI analytics for advanced insights into how learners are using elearning content.

DevLearn 2016 demo on xAPI

On the xAPI front, we also had some great conversations around Watershed LRS as well. All I can say at this point is ‘watch this space’. We have a number of exciting enhancements to the gomo learning suite planned which focus on close collaboration with Watershed.

SaaS vs Desktop software

As a pure SaaS (Software as a Service) solution, we had plenty of questions around the benefits of a cloud-based solution vs a desktop solution. In summary the key benefits are:

  • No software to install. No more IT headaches, sharing build files or worrying about who has the latest version of a project. The gomo learning suite is accessed via your web browser.
  • Team collaboration. Teams can work on content at the same time. With reviewer access built in you can streamline your production workflow to capture feedback and review comments throughout your build stages to enable you to deliver your courses as quickly as possible.
  • Access anywhere. As the gomo learning suite is based in the cloud, teams can collaborate and work on projects from any location in the world.

App delivery and offline access

With a mobile workforce, organizations need to deliver content to learners anywhere, anytime.

gomo-central-app1 gomo-central-app2

The gomo hosting and analytics solution provides offline app capabilities to allow learners to download elearning courses and use them offline. With the gomo central app, usage is still tracked via xAPI and then synchronized with our cloud solution when an internet connection is available.

Fully responsive elearning

While some elearning authoring tools can produce content that works on desktop, tablet and smartphone devices, content created in gomo is fully responsive. gomo demos across multiple devices at DevLearn 2016 With gomo, you only need to create your course once and it will run seamlessly on desktop, tablet and smartphone devices. We’ve taken care of all the technical elements required to make it work, enabling you to just focus on building great quality content.

Roadmap areas of interest

As a cloud-based solution, the gomo learning suite is continually updated with new features and functionality. We love attending events like Devlearn as it allows us to review and prioritize our product roadmap. A few items we will be exploring as a follow up to Devlearn include:

  • Single Sign-on for gomo central. We had a number of conversations around Single sign-on for learners to log in to gomo central.
  • Drag and drop interactions Providing a variety of drag and drop interactions for learners to engage with during an elearning course.
  • Custom xAPI statements Allowing authors to create their own custom statements for sending back to an LRS.

Demofest at DevLearn 2016

LEO Learning US (our sister company) and Watershed were both in attendance at Devlearn this year and participated in the post-event Demofest which was hugely entertaining and buzzing with energy. Team gomo with customers at DevLearn 2016 While team gomo didn’t take part in the competition, we were there to support our colleagues as well as our customer AICPA, who were demonstrating content authored in gomo. While we were hoping AICPA, LEO and Watershed would all win their respective categories, we were thrilled that Rose Benedicks and Bill Mastin from LEO US won the ‘Best Sales Training Solution’ category. Congratulations team LEO!

Bye for now Las Vegas

Overall, the gomo team had a fantastic time in Las Vegas. We’re now packed and ready to check out for our flight back to the UK (well for Mike and I that is, Thom is based in Atlanta). Team gomo saying good bye to DevLearn 2016

See you at Devlearn 2017 folks!

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