gomo is built from the ground up to solve the headaches associated with e-learning authoring at enterprise scale, so we’re super excited to have a load of new, global organisations onboard using gomo as a key component of their global learning strategies.

Santander, Xerox, British Airways, Medline and Amazon are among the latest organisations to begin creating with gomo. Although they work in different industries with very different strategic goals, one thing they have in common is the need to effectively create and deliver multi-device content to learners on a global scale.

We pride ourselves on the enterprise-friendly nature of our platform and we’re delighted to have more organizations pushing adaptive and responsive gomo content out to learners by the thousand using a variety of delivery methods. Whether you are an e-learning agency serving clients or an internal team delivering content to ten or ten thousand learners, gomo is a cost-effective solution built to overcome the deliverability and publishing issues associated with training.

How can content be published and delivered globally?

gomo is a cloud-based tool, which opens up the delivery options when compared with traditional desktop tools. gomo content is already in the cloud and can be distributed direct to learners.

gomo central

If an organisation doesn’t have an LMS – like in the case of a fast-growing start-up – gomo central, gomo’s cloud learning portal, is a great way of giving learners instant, multi-device access to learning content. gomo central is a flexible, customizable portal that gives your learners a fully personalized experience and because all content is hosted within gomo, gomo central benefits from full xAPI analytics, allowing you to get the full picture of everything your learners are up to within a course.

Learners simply follow the link and login to gomo central to access learning on any device.

gomo SCORM LMS wrapper

If an organization has a traditional LMS (or multiple LMSs) in place, gomo’s SCORM LMS wrapper allows content to be updated in gomo with the changes appearing in the LMS. At enterprise scale, this takes away the hours of admin time involved in updating, zipping and uploading courses each time a minor change needs to be made, which really mounts up if a business has hundreds of courses live at any one time.

How can we reach our global workforce at a time that suits them?

Along with gomo central and the gomo LMS wrapper, the gomo learning suite comes with a couple of less conventional distribution channels to help organisations reach learners when it matters.

Direct link

Sending out multi-device e-learning via a link means that however learners view their emails, they will be able to learn on the go or on the job as and when it suits them. Direct link access is all about getting content out to the world, fast. Targeting the right websites, social channels and internal forums allows teams to catch learners in non-traditional environments, securing uptake while everything can later be analysed back to gomo with full xAPI tracking.

Website embed

Similar to the above, gomo content can be embedded directly onto a website by simply copying and pasting an embed code. Great for intranets and other internal locations, allowing learners to cut to the chase whatever device they are viewing from. As per the above, when a course is updated, the new version will immediately appear wherever the course has been embedded, keeping learners around the world with the most up to date and relevant knowledge.


A gomo course embedded into a website – perfect for intranets.

How can updates and changes be made quickly and effectively at enterprise scale?

All of the gomo learning suite’s distribution methods allow updates to take effect instantly, wherever they might be stored. This means if you have the same course in an LMS, embedded to an intranet and linked in a tweet, it’s all updated in one go, so organisations can be sure that regardless of region or device, staff will always have the most current and up to date knowledge in their hands.

The proof is in the pudding, the best way to really get a feel for the gomo learning suite, whatever your infrastructure, is to give it a go! Begin your free trial today or get in touch to find out about enterprise pricing.

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