gomo course shown on tablet, laptop and smartphone

We’ve all used our phones to access websites which aren’t mobile-optimised. You end up scrolling backwards and forwards chasing sentences off the edge of the screen and zooming in and out to find your way around the site. This is why responsive and adaptive design principles are so important when you’re designing for multi-device. In this post, we will explain the difference between responsive and adaptive design and why they are vital for multi-device content creation.

Responsive design

gomo three column layout

Responsive design in e-learning is about the way the components of your content change layout in relation to the size and shape of the screen upon which content is being viewed. The reduced available real estate means that a four column layout on a desktop may display as a stacked, single column layout on a smartphone to make best use of the space.

gomo responsive three column layout on smartphone

Adaptive design

gomo comic strip

Adaptive design looks at the dimensions of the screen space available and selects the most appropriate layout based on those measurements. The content adapts its presentation and functionality based on the device type and screen real estate, ensuring that the user is always presented with the most appropriate version of that course for their device.

A gomo comic strip asset shown in its adaptive state on a smartphone

Multi-device design in action

But don’t panic! This isn’t for you to worry about. The great news is that gomo takes care of this for you, meaning all you need to focus on is creating great content. gomo has been created with best practice multi-device design in mind, which is why your e-learning course will look great whether you’re viewing it on a desktop, a tablet or a smartphone.

If you want to see adaptive and responsive design in action, you can register for our next webinar on 17th March, or come along to Epic’s free LearningNow event. Managing Director Mike Alcock will be explaining why gomo is the most cost-efficient way to create your own beautiful multi-device content, and we would love to see you there.

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