Bringing creative minds together: the importance of collaboration

What are the benefits of collaboration when using an authoring tool? Find out how cloud-based tools help increase creativity and get the best out of a team.

All great ideas have a beginning. But although an individual thought often forms the basis of a project, the development into success comes as a result of working with others— and that's the power of collaboration!

Collaborative working is growing in the workplace. It increases productivity and solves problems through shared creativity. Issues can be resolved efficiently when several people work collaboratively, because this reduces the workload for one individual and allows businesses to achieve more in less time.

It's easy to see the benefits of working collaboratively, but how can your eLearning authoring tool help?

Teamwork... but better

Collaboration can’t happen without a team. To begin a project, first you need to gather the people that will be joining forces. It's not a problem if your employees are spread internationally. Why? Because collaboration is made easy through simple online access no matter where you are.

For full control over projects, Gomo allows you to set individual permissions, personalize access, and assign specific editing and reviewing responsibilities to your team. This helps to use the range of skills within the group and keep the project on the right track.

Collaboration needs organization

A shared central resources area allows everyone involved in a project to share documents in one place. Forget complicated spreadsheets and lengthy email chains spanning weeks of work. Live reviewing of courses creates a simplified means of communication for the project. Team members also have the option to leave feedback on courses and let each other know what they think is working and what’s not.

Working on the go

Members of the eLearning team don’t have to wait until they get back to the office to test or review a course. Instead, they can easily download courses to their personal phone or laptop for access on the go, using QR codes or a direct email link. By creating a more flexible schedule through accessible-anywhere working and shared workloads, teams will be able to meet deadlines faster.

Control your content

One of the great things about collaborative working with an authoring tool is the ability for anyone with access to quickly edit and update courses at any time. An issue with this way of working is finding a way for collaborators to update one single version of a document without confusion. However, Gomo offers content locking, meaning that only one person can edit a document at a time, and others have to wait to share their ideas.

No more lost work

The risk of losing hours of hard work doesn’t have to be a concern either, with a backup feature like the one we offer with Gomo. Every time a piece of work is published, Gomo will save a separate copy, making it simple to restore a previous version if needed.

This post, originally published in 2017, has been updated and refreshed.

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