4 reasons why you should be working with a cloud-based eLearning hosting tool

4 reasons why you should be working with a cloud-based eLearning hosting tool

Building a sophisticated, scalable infrastructure for your learning under your own steam is hard. Fortunately, using cloud-based eLearning hosting levels the playing field and allows any L&D team to overcome complex challenges and distribute learning at speed.

Let’s take a look at how the cloud can support and transform learning for global workforces.

1) Cloud-based eLearning hosting supports your growth

Ambitious businesses need the ability to scale. When taking on more people or moving into new areas, one of the key considerations facing organizations is the increased demand on resources.

A larger and more dispersed workforce means greater storage and server requirements. The cloud solves this by using a multi-tenant model to dynamically respond and reassign physical and virtual resources according to demand.

Rather than finding that your sites crash if too many people try to visit them at once, a cloud-based eLearning hosting tool like Gomo’s means your learning will always be available. And that will remain the case no matter how large your team becomes.

2) It helps you avoid any surprise costs

With cloud-based eLearning hosting, you don’t need to worry about your learning investment spiralling out of control. To name a few benefits, the cloud means you don’t have to deal with:

  • Huge uploads and downloads every time you want to update your learning programs
  • Complex software installations
  • License keys and permissions from your IT team
  • The complicated maintenance that traditional desktop authoring tools require

According to a study by Booz Allen Hamilton, one of the largest IT and management providers in the US, making the move from an internal IT infrastructure to the cloud delivers cost benefit ratios of 7:1.

They also estimated that a cloud-based approach saves 50-67% of the lifecycle cost for a 1,000-server deployment.

3) It lets you ramp up the speed of your learning content creation and distribution

Want to deliver top-class eLearning rapidly, giving you a competitive edge when new products are released? Cloud-based eLearning hosting means that your L&D team can collaborate on content wherever they are and roll it out instantly.

There are several ways this can be done in Gomo. Our unique SCORM LMS wrapper allows you to upload and update courses in seconds, even if they’re already live in your LMS. Alternatively, direct link courses can be shared and updated by email or social media in seconds. And all of these come with Gomo’s xAPI analytics for enhanced insights and reporting.

We’ve seen the benefits of this for huge organizations such as one of the largest mobile network operators in the UK. For a business of this size, with 25,000 learners, distributing content wasn’t always easy before they began working with a cloud-based eLearning hosting tool.

The transformation they have experienced is not uncommon. Writing in Wired, Edwin Schouten, a Senior Cloud Advisor in a global team of IBM Cloud experts, said he had seen data analytics projects reduced from four months to just three weeks in the cloud.

As he points out, this rapid deployment can dramatically increase your efficiency and reduce your time-to-market of your eLearning output.

4) It keeps your data as safe as possible

By working with a cloud-based hosting tool such as Gomo, you’re boosting your business with the most secure data technology in the world.

That’s because we use Amazon Web Services, a huge part of Amazon providing cloud-based computing to the world.

Distributed across a minimum of three physical facilities, your training data is geographically separated across regions, and can be automatically replicated to any other AWS region.

The traffic is ‘load-balanced’ to other sites if anything goes wrong, and the availability zones are even protected with an uninterruptible power supply and on-site backup generation facilities.

Each of these are fed by different grids from independent utilities. This means your data is protected from natural disasters, system failures and other types of problems, which is not something everyone can say about internal data storage.

What’s more, AWS carries out data integrity checks and ‘self-healing’ almost constantly.

Cloud-based eLearning hosting: the future of learning success is here!

Whatever your existing level of infrastructure, a cloud-based eLearning hosting tool can make every element of your organizational learning more effective.

Whether your training is for a small team or a huge number of learners, we can make your training delivery a seamless process that drives success.

Take a closer look at how a cloud-based authoring tool makes team collaboration easier and more secure than ever before in ‘The Power of Security and Cloud-Based Authoring Tool Features

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