What is an authoring tool ?

If you want to improve your organization’s learning strategy but aren’t sure where to start, an authoring tool might be the answer you’re looking for. Using an authoring tool gives you full control of the learning you produce, without the need for a deep technical ability or a sky-high budget.

What is an authoring tool?

In simple terms, an authoring tool is an eLearning course creation tool. It allows anyone, not just programmers, to create and package engaging pieces of learning and deliver them to the end user.

As well as making course creation a breeze, authoring tools enable you to customize and update courses yourself and collaborate on learning design and review with the other creative minds in your team.

A good authoring tool is more than just an authoring tool, though. At gomo, we also make the hosting and distribution of learning hassle free and provide a built-in analytics dashboard.

Why should I use an authoring tool?

Using an authoring tool can save you time, effort and money by giving you full control of your course creation, hosting and distribution.

Simple course creation

Different authoring tools operate in slightly different ways. With gomo, courses are created with the use of a wide range of templates. Content blocks can be added using the simple drag and drop functionality, allowing you to include content such as text, images, videos, and zoomable graphics, as well as enabling you to embed third-party content like Adobe Edge animations and Google maps.


If your organization decides to rebrand, there’s no need to redesign your library of eLearning courses. Simply use your tool’s customization features to update your existing courses in an instant.


Developing learning with a team should be simple and seamless. An authoring tool can enable teams of any size to work collaboratively no matter where in the world they are based, removing any analyzing and review processes delays, and ensuring that you can utilize your team’s talent and expertise.


Designing multi-lingual courses is made easy too. At gomo, our customers simply need to export the 'default language' course text for their translation agency and re-import it once the translation is complete for instantly available language options.


With built-in measuring and analytics, measuring your learning data is a quick and simple process. For example, gomo’s built-in Tin Can (experience API/xAPI) reporting dashboard allows you to view reports by date range, learning, device type, and geography, and export them if you need to.


There’s no need to create multiple versions of a course to suit different screen sizes. At gomo, our customers simply publish their course once and it seamlessly adapts itself to their learner’s device.

You can also choose how your course is distributed, whether that be hosted on your authoring tools cloud, embedded in a website or delivered through your existing LMS, authoring tools let you choose and then do the hard work for you.

About the author: Emily Manning

I manage the marketing efforts for Gomo Learning, working with the wider marketing team at Learning Technologies Group, Gomo's parent company, to make sure Gomo is always putting its best foot forward.

I've been with Learning Technologies Group plc since 2016, and made the exciting move into Gomo's team in 2019! It's been great to be part of such a friendly team that love what they do, and who really care about ensuring that the product and our service is the best it can be for our customers.

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