Learning at scale – or the distribution of learning across multiple domains – is an important capability for any business with growth ambitions. Every international organization needs to distribute learning content to different locations all over the world. On top of that, businesses need a way to communicate uniformly to thousands of people speaking different languages. The complexity is compounded by the potential need to distribute to more than 24 different time zones across the world. So, how can you ensure that everyone is on a level playing field when it comes to completing their workplace learning requirements, and eliminate language barriers?

In the absence of a universal language, you must start by accommodating multilingual learning. Fortunately, a simple solution is available.

You can eliminate language barriers in your eLearning using the gomo authoring tool

The language of learning

A great authoring tool like gomo will enable you to clear this potential eLearning hurdle with the utmost ease. And when we say ease, we mean it. Where the translation process has traditionally been exhaustingly time-consuming and expensive, gomo makes it a simple two-step process with XLIFF, otherwise known as XML Localization Interchange File Format.

In a nutshell, all you have to do is build one course in your language of choice – selecting the ‘default language’ option – and then export the course text via XLIFF to translate it into different languages. You can do this quickly and seamlessly in as many ‘secondary languages’ as needed.

Once you get your course text back from the translator, you simply re-import each language version back into the course. Best of all, with the gomo editor, you can view each language version of the course in one place, too. An Arabic-speaking learner will get courses in Arabic while he or she is sitting next to an Italian-speaking learner who is simultaneously consuming the exact same content, but in Italian.

Of course, the formula for providing effective, high-quality learning at scale involves more than multilingual support.

To discover how to implement multilingual support in your eLearning distribution process, and also to absorb even more about how global organizations provide scalable learning for their internationally distributed workforces, watch a recording of our live webinar from Tuesday, November 28th, 2017.

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