Using gomo is a game-changer for global organizations looking to create beautiful multi-device enterprise learning, primarily because it ensures content looks great and works seamlessly on any device. In this enterprise learning case study, we look at how one global organization creates hundreds of hours of eLearning at multiple offices all over the world.

One enterprise company that gomo has been working with wanted to give dozens of authors/content creators the ability to confidently create hundreds of projects across 15 countries. As part of this, the organization wanted both experienced eLearning practitioners and Subject Matter Experts to be able to build responsive eLearning courses – a skill they could then use to quickly create courses in the cloud. With responsive design ‘baked’ into the DNA of gomo, they were able to achieve this goal in record time.

Business people in an office working on creating an enterprise learning case study

An ideal authoring tool for enterprise learning

In just six months, the organization’s L&D team has implemented gomo and enabled hundreds of staff to create a wide range of courses.

“We have a combination of people using gomo for internal production and client-facing content,” says one of the learning managers at the organization. “It might be used on an Intranet site, disconnected from the LMS. If somebody needs to put content together quickly, gomo is really good for that.

“A big plus for me has been how creative people have been around having a responsive digital production content tool.”

Some of the challenges gomo has helped the business to meet include:

  • Change management
  • Long-term strategic global learning aims
  • Selling learning to clients as a sustainable solution for change
  • Configurability of courses
  • The time and resource demands of having to create multiple versions of the same course

A consistent and appealing look and feel

gomo’s themes (two of which are below) take the complexity out of creating on-brand, enticing courses. Subject Matter Experts can use gomo without having to make design decisions on every page. The gomo theme looks after all this, allowing users to get on with adding their content. Authors can create compelling and highly interactive multi-device courses in minutes. They can easily add quiz elements and interactive exercises to test learners’ understanding and skills in key areas.
Examples of two of gomo's customizable themes, Night Sky and Odyssey

Deep scrolling vertical navigation makes for a smooth learner journey across the courses, and bite-sized sections make the content easy to focus on for users.

“The user interface is intuitive,” says the learning manager. “The output is compatible with our existing systems. It was easy to get it to work across the whole organization.”

Secure teamwork with gomo

gomo is designed for collaboration, with course content being stored in the cloud, so disparate colleagues can develop courses together, even when they are working from several offices in different locations around the world.

As a global enterprise, security is one of the organization’s major challenges. gomo is hosted in its entirety on Amazon Web Services – the best, most powerful and most secure servers in the world. “We put a lot of emphasis on privacy and security and gomo have supported that,” the learning manager says.

Resources, templates and variables are all accessible in one place, and can be instantly updated to provide the latest information.

“Before we had gomo, we were in a situation where we were doing two builds. Our team are no longer having to manage separate tools for mobile and desktop versions. I’m certainly seeing that it’s halving the amount of production needed.”

Responsive design in action

Responsive design fits the content of training courses to any screen size by repositioning itself based on the screen space available. Here’s an example of how that works:

An animated GIF showing gomo's responsive design capabilities

Content is developed to appear in a two-, three- or four-column layout, which will display on each device in the most effective way possible.

This is vitally important for businesses that want to provide great enterprise learning experiences on desktop, mobile and tablets, particularly across large workforces where lots of employees expect mobile-friendly learning on a wide variety of devices.

“We needed to move to responsive content at the heart of our digital strategy,” adds the learning manager.

“Learning in general is really important to us. In a crowded marketplace for graduates, we can use digital learning to differentiate ourselves from competing organizations who are trying to attract people who are used to education and feel our learning will be of long-term value to them. We have to have best in class.”

gomo offers all the benefits of HTML5 as standard, ensuring great graphics and smooth integration of multimedia and interactive features.

Multiple editors can shape courses at the same time

This is a great example of how gomo is the best eLearning authoring tool for organizations of all sizes looking to provide engaging eLearning courses at scale.

The organization continues to add authors to its license, making the most of gomo’s collaborative capabilities and ease of use for teams working across different time zones.

Delivering eLearning at scale is the subject of the recent gomo webinar

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