With ATD ICE just around the corner, the gomo team are preparing for another trip across the pond. Here are five reasons we are looking forward to attending ATD:

gomo’s first time at the ATD ICE conference

The gomo team love attending exhibitions. 2016 has already seen our annual trip to Learning Technologies in London and E-learning Expo in Paris alongside our new gomo reseller in France, Micropole Insitut. ATD ICE is our first US exhibition of the year and we can’t wait to scout out the space and meet attendees of the show. gomo haven’t attended a new conference since 2014 and it will be the first time we have visited Denver, so we’re excited to showcase the tool and get stuck in for three days of demos and conversations.


gomo’s last outing abroad at E-learning Expo in Paris (March)

Unveiling the gomo app to the US market

gomo launched native app capability in the UK at Learning Technologies in February but ATD ICE marks the first time our US audience will be able to see the app in action on the exhibition floor. We are really excited with what the app means for offline learning capability and cannot wait to share this with our friends in America.


Unveiling the new multilingual capabilities of gomo

gomo has gone even more  multilingual since our US outing at Devlearn in October 2015. The new multilingual capability allows users to build a single course with multiple languages and have full editing across all languages. . This capability  was very well received at E-learning Expo in Paris, with the French audience excited about the enhanced capability of gomo as a complete learning suite for global distribution.


Meeting new people in the industry

As with any new experience, we are anticipating meeting lots  of new faces. We love showcasing the gomo tool to those passionate about the power of multi-device learning, and are always impressed by the knowledge of delegates at each exhibition we attend. We are not only excited to demonstrate the exciting new functionality we have to offer, but also to meet those in the industry who really care about how their learners consume content.

Exploring Denver

It wouldn’t be a new exhibition for us if we weren’t a tad excited about exploring the city. Conferences are a platform for new inspiration and we love catching up on the events of the day over a drink or two. We’ve heard some brilliant things about Denver and can’t wait to check out our surroundings. If you would like to put us in touch with some recommendations or would like to meet up for a drink with gomo MD Mike Alcock, you can contact him on mike.alcock@gomolearning.com.

We hope to see as many of you as possible at the event and would love to hear any questions you might have. If you can’t wait for the event or if you are unable to attend, you can sign up for our next free webinar. We also offer a 21 day trial of the gomo learning suite, this is free to access and provides an opportunity to see the latest features in action.



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