With the latest Apple iPhone expected to be released to the world next week, rumours, leaked images and predictions are circulating tech blogs like wildfire. It’s a popular time of year for smartphone releases, with Samsung, Sony and other big players  also looking to release new and updated smartphones and tablets. Within a matter of days and weeks, the smartphone landscape will have changed completely, once again.

Each new release often means a new size screens and operating systems, altering how your current mobile learning content will display and in some cases, whether it will run at all. You need to be sure that as the device landscape shifts, you can create future proof mobile learning, as how users will access mobile learning will begin to change considerably.

Constant releases, upgrades and development shouldn’t pose a threat to how learners access multi-device e-learning. New technology should be harnessed and not prevent progress – after all, both technology and mobile learning are trying to give us fewer headaches, not more.

It’s important to invest in an authoring tool which provides responsive, adaptive output which can handle the pace of new device releases and screen sizes. This way, you can be sure that when a new iPhone, Galaxy or Xperia is released, learners can access it on new and varying screen sizes with no issues, and you can begin creating assets that cater specifically for these devices.

gomo’s responsive, adaptive learning content makes the best use of the screen space available, meaning gomo courses are optimised for whatever device it is viewed on, regardless of whether it’s released now, next month or next year, giving you future proof mobile learning. As a SaaS tool, gomo is constantly updated based the experience of paying customers, who are creating learning for multi-device learners around the world. gomo is a future proof tool which gives you the capability to output truly multi-device learning, leaving you to concentrate on creating great learning content for your workforce.

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