gomo 2.0 has been available to the public since 2nd April. We thought it would be interesting to look back over the first three months in the life of our e-learning authoring product and see what sort of reaction we’ve had so far.

We launched gomo 2.0 to the world at Learning Technologies in January. Although the product wasn’t ready for purchase at that time, we wanted to give the world a sneak preview of our brand new adaptive and responsive HTML5 authoring tool. To say that we were overwhelmed with the level of interest would be an understatement – non-stop demo requests led to over 200 enquiries at the exhibition.

Interest continued over the next few months as we made the product ready for sale and by the time we were ready for launch on 2nd April we had almost 1,000 enquiries in our database.

Two further exhibitions in the USA (Learning Solutions and mLearnCon) confirmed how ready the market is for a cloud-based, adaptive and responsive HTML5 authoring tool. Numerous organisations are frustrated with the limitations of their current authoring tools, especially when it comes to delivering content to iPads and smartphones.

Since launch, over 600 organisations have signed up for the 21 day free trial of gomo, and many of these are now happy gomo customers. This includes organisations such as Deloitte, JCB, Dunhill, Climate KIC, Constellation Brands, Cranfield University, ITC Learning, Grainger, Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service, Centro Universitário Cesumar and many more.

We are on track to exceed our initial forecasts for the success of gomo and expect growth to accelerate with July’s release of gomo 2.1 – our first major upgrade. We are hoping that the host of new features and usability improvements should lead to even more organisations benefiting from true multi-device learning.

The icing on the cake at the end of our first quarter is this testimonial from the Climate-KIC Online Education Team:

“We’re building entire MOOCs around resources created with gomo. It’s the easiest authoring tool we’ve used and brilliant for our team collaboration, whether we’re working from home or together in the office. The range of design options has really helped us get a good balance between simplicity of output and richness of learner activity. We love the way it adapts what we create to display on phones, tablets, laptops and PCs from one source. We’re hooked!”

Sign up for one of our upcoming webinars to see the capability of our latest update, gomo 2.1, or get started with a 21 day free trial today to begin creating beautiful multi-device learning today.

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