In August, we introduced gomo 2.1 to you, the first major update to our multi-device authoring tool – just three months after its initial release. We’re excited to announce that gomo 2.2 is just around the corner, bringing a cluster of new features to make e-learning development with gomo more elegant, simple and effortless than ever before.
gomo 2.2’s public release will take place at DevLearn on October 29 – 31 in Las Vegas, so be sure to visit us if you’re attending the event. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be revealing more information about the release on twitter @gomolearning but for now, we’d like to take this opportunity to share gomo 2.2’s features with you…

Perfect your menus

With the all-new ‘slide out menu/ table of contents’ extra, you can have a persistent menu available throughout your course, allowing students to access any part of the course at the touch of a button.

image (1)

Headers and footers

Header and footer navigation bars allow you to provide greater user interface customisation across all devices. You can now have persistent top and bottom bars on your courses for an ‘app like’ feel on desktop, tablet or smartphone.


Inline actions

The gomo text asset now supports inline actions (e.g. launch sub-screen, navigate to a page, link to an external website), giving you even greater control and interactivity from your text assets.


New drop down list asset

Create a simple quiz with a drop down list of selectable answers in seconds with this new asset.


New numeric input asset

Want to test your student’s maths? Set questions and answers with the numeric input asset.


Advanced animation controls

Now you can animate all content assets in gomo. Fade your text, slide in your images, bounce in your videos. Sliders and delays allow you pinpoint control of how your pages feel.


Orientation options in preview for tablet and smartphone views

gomo courses have always been responsive and adaptive, so they work on tablets and smartphones in any orientation. Now you can test this in the gomo preview window, switching between landscape and portrait instantly on any device.


Sharing is caring

gomo courses are developed in the cloud. Now you can share them with your colleagues who aren’t using gomo. Let them preview your courses as they’re being built with the gomo ‘share’ button. No uploads, no downloads, just share.


Join gomo MD Mike Alcock for a webinar on Thursday 6th November to find out more about the latest version of our responsive, adaptive multi-device authoring tool. Mike will take you through gomo 2.2 and show you how the above features and much more come together to make e-learning development with gomo easier than ever before.

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