Last year gomo made big steps towards revolutionizing the way we learn by making our learning portal available as a free Apple app, alongside its original HTML5 web-based format. This meant that content created with gomo became more accessible, because it could be downloaded onto personal devices and carried around with learners on-the-go. Now we have more exciting news: from this month our eLearning app, called the gomo central app, will also be available on Android’s Google Play Store!

This means that now even more learners can access beautiful content on their mobile devices, by simply downloading the free gomo central app and logging into their gomo account. All courses that have been shared with the learner will then be instantly available for them to complete in their own time. Since apps account for 89% of time spent on mobile media, this is great news for learning!*

The gomo central app displayed on a smartphone

4 great features of the gomo central app:

1) Offline learning

Will your employees need to access learning on the move? Avoid high data charges and the limitations of network dead zones with the gomo central app. Learners can easily download the courses they need whilst connected to the Internet, and complete them offline. According to Deloitte, 78% of people use their smartphone on public transport in the morning, which could be a great time for employees to brush up on work-based skills.** Offline learning could also be particularly useful for employees who work in remote locations, allowing them to instantly access previously downloaded content that could help them to solve problems while on the job.

man learning remotely - gomo cental app

2) Easy course updates

If any changes are made to a course by an admin, the course will be updated on the app when the learner’s device next picks up an Internet connection. This ensures that everybody keeps up with the newest content, no matter how many changes the learning design team might need to make.

3) Analytics made simple

All learner activity within a course can be tracked using xAPI and gomo’s analytics feature. Data includes statistics like course completion, scores received, questions answered correctly versus incorrectly and more. This means that you can keep an eye on learner training progress more easily than ever before, which will help you to identify areas that are working well and others that need improving.

Even courses that are completed offline can be tracked, with analytics received as soon as the learner’s device is reconnected to the Internet.

4) Smartphone capabilities

Making courses available on the Android Google Play Store and the App Store (iOS) eliminates the issue of having to switch between platforms in order to host, update and track your learning content. Using the gomo central app, all of these authoring tool essentials are available in one handy place. As a plus, using gomo’s native app on these devices will benefit from the smartphone’s features, enhancing user experience and maximizing the impact of interactive media-heavy content like video, audio and touch-screen.

To sum up, your learners can soak up the knowledge they need on the move. Whether it’s on the train, in a coffee shop, at home, or somewhere more remote, employees have truly flexible training options on their mobile devices that traditional training just doesn’t offer.

To explore gomo’s offline learning capabilities or see the gomo central eLearning app in action, contact us today.

* Figure from LearnDash, Mobile Learning Stats You Should Know, 2017.
** Figure from Deloitte, 2016 Mobile Consumer Study (UK).

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