How gomo drives L&D success through learner engagement

There are two sides to eLearning – the material itself and the people who absorb it (the learners or audience). It’s not enough for training departments to achieve L&D success by creating the most comprehensive modules, guides and courses, jam-packed with information.


Because eLearning course material is only as successful as the engagement rates it achieves among learners.

A bullseye to illustrate the idea of L&D success in courses

Not only does material have to be available on-demand to all learners – both online and offline – but the content has to be compelling enough to leave a learner wanting to return for more after their first login.

All learners, regardless of their level of knowledge or understanding, need motivation to prioritize training – especially when they are time-poor and on the move.

These motivating elements, sometimes known as nudges, are built into our eLearning courses through features such as automated check-in emails, visual dashboard reminders and leaderboards. They help people stay on track.

With gomo, there is a way for learners to see their progress and realize how far they’ve come.

EE’s journey to L&D success

For EE, the UK-based telecommunications service provider, learner engagement is vital. This mobile network operator works around the clock and around the globe to meet the needs of 30 million customers.

With rapid changes and developments in cellular technology, there is a lot of pressure on EE’s L&D team to make sure that their 25,000 learners – from engineers to customer service representatives – are always up-to-speed. When EE began working with gomo, they needed to quickly drive up learner engagement to achieve L&D success.

Luckily, with gomo, it didn’t take long to see results.

Below is one example of what EE has achieved using gomo – product training for EE staff on a new Apple smartphone.

An example of a microlearning course designed by EE for product training for Apple phones

How EE achieved L&D success with gomo

Through microlearning, EE made learning content both attractive and interactive.

By using gomo’s randomized question banks, they made online assessments more engaging for learners while simultaneously making it much harder to cheat. Another great example of how gomo users like EE can make quizzes and other assessment features simple and fun is with our ‘drag and drop’ asset.

As gomo is also fully responsive, EE’s learners enjoy the same high-quality layout and user experience on mobile devices as they would on a desktop screen. gomo’s cloud-based solution eliminated all of the barriers to digital learning EE had previously encountered.

EE staff member holding a mobile phone

EE has seen engagement levels go through the roof as a result of using gomo to create and distribute courses. Their digital team can react and produce content within hours in response to key events, such as the launch of new products and services by Apple.

Want to know why EE chose gomo and how they successfully meet the learning needs of a global workforce? Watch a recording of our March 2018 webinar, ‘How EE delivers eLearning at scale.’

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