How Gomo’s customer support experience keeps your authoring on track

How Gomo’s customer support experience keeps your authoring on track

Every piece of software has a learning curve of some sort, and eLearning authoring tools are no exception. We understand how important it is to get your team up to speed quickly so they can keep your L&D programs rolling. Read on to discover some of the ways we make that possible with our customer support experience.

We like to make things easy for Gomo customers around the world. No matter where you or your content authors are working from, our cloud-based authoring tool makes creating and delivering learning content easy.

Gomo is a piece of software focused on providing a world-class customer experience, and our customer support is no different. From live support via phone, email, or video call, to on-demand learning, and multi-language support videos, our support options are scalable and we truly have answers for everyone. Let’s look closer at some of these support options to see how we solve problems big and small in your moment of need.

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A dedicated Customer Success Manager for enterprise clients

Customer Success Managers (CSMs) are the ultimate customer advocates. They’re the bridge between you, the customer, and the techie folks who make the magic happen behind the scenes.

Think: de-bugging, product enhancements, and other technical-support-related tasks. Faced with issues like these, it’s sometimes difficult to know what to ask for, let alone to request a specific enhancement or bug fix.

That’s exactly why the customer success manager role is so important for our users. With help from his team of account managers, Gomo’s Customer Success Manager, Simon Waldram provides big benefits for our clients. Simon and team are here to answer any and all support questions as well as acting as a continuous point of contact. They do things like:

Working with client teams to understand their goals, support their onboarding with the product, and capture their feature requests.

  • Meeting regularly with enterprise customers to establish feedback processes that help us resolve issues.
  • Anticipating and providing advance warning on upcoming maintenance that may cause downtime.
  • Collaborating with development and technical support teams to jump on bug reports and reduce resolution time.

Ultimately, our support team aim to reduce the customer’s legwork in resolving issues as well as save them time and simplify their support experience.

So, what other support is available?

If you’re in need of help we have tons of self-service tools and resources available. These useful hubs will help you get quick answers to common questions. One of those is the Gomo Academy—a resource hub that you can access 24/7, from anywhere in the world. This on-demand support is there whenever you need it and is full of tools like:

  • YouTube-style microlearning videos including ‘how-to’ videos for onboarding, and ideas for getting the most out of your content authoring tool
  • Guidance and examples for individual product features, (plus, how to use them)
  • Webinar recordings that offer practical examples of the many ways you can use our tool to create visually-striking learning courses
  • Downloadable resources on a host of topics like using learning analytics, pointers for effective remote training, and course creation

Additionally, all customers have access to the Gomo Support Desk, where in addition to submitting support tickets they can search and browse for FAQs and support articles to solve common authoring issues

For questions you can’t find answers to in any of our online resources or support hubs, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the account management team. Account managers are well versed in your needs and are always ready to help you get the most out of your eLearning authoring tool.

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