Customers of award-winning authoring tool gomo will now be able to use PeopleFluent Learning, the market-leading provider of learning management systems, to publish their responsive eLearning courses directly to NetDimensions LMS.

The exciting new integration will save L&D teams hours by doing away with complicated SCORM and FTP uploads and allowing gomo courses to be published directly to NetDimensions LMS. The integration is the successful result of direct end-to-end testing carried out by engineering teams at both companies following NetDimensions’ incorporation into gomo’s parent company, Learning Technologies Group, in March 2017.

There are many options for publishing a gomo course, including gomo hosting, sending the course straight to NetDimensions and downloading a SCORM or xAPI zip file

Clients who have a gomo license and the NetDimensions LMS can now enable integration between the award-winning platforms, create an eLearning course in gomo and choose the NetDimensions publishing option.

gomo and NetDimensions LMS integration: What It Means for You

The breakthrough has been made possible by PENS (Package Exchange Notification Services), a publishing process supported by both platforms which allows one-click publishing from an authoring tool to an LMS.

Mike Alcock, Managing Director of gomo, said: “This integration brings huge benefits for gomo’s NetDimensions LMS customers. They can now publish their gomo courses directly to their NetDimensions LMS, and content updates can also be pushed to their learners in seconds.

“The gomo and NetDimensions LMS integration highlights the benefits of both companies being part of Learning Technologies Group. Because we’re part of the same family, our engineering teams were able to work together closely and efficiently to produce a solution that offers huge benefits to our mutual customers.”

With the integration of PeopleFluent Learning and gomo, customers of both brands can publish their eLearning courses directly from gomo authoring into NetDimensions LMSBill Mastin, EVP Sales, Alliances and Account Management at NetDimensions LMS and PeopleFluent, said: “The gomo-NetDimensions LMS integration simplifies and speeds up the deployment of content creation through to consumption for NetDimensions LMS customers.

“In a mobile world, having HTML5 fully responsive content creation ability in your platform is key to delivering an end-to-end solution and I’m very happy we can offer it with the gomo and NetDimensions LMS partnership and integration.

“LTG can bring together the right products and services for any organization that needs to enable their workforce or educate their extended enterprise.”

A photo of the logos of PeopleFluent Learning and gomo

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