People today expect up to the minute knowledge at their fingertips. They need this information to be experts in their business. Getting all this information to your employees can be tough when you are dealing with a clunky authoring tool, a difficult LMS and multiple versions of the same course. Now there’s an easier way: the gomo learning suite.

gomo’s cloud authoring lets you create content with ease out of the box. Work as a team and share the load with your colleagues from anywhere in the world, taking you from content creation to utilization in a matter of clicks. Save time with drag and drop interfaces to create courses with ease.

Best of all, get the industry’s leading responsive HTML5 output for courses that work on any device, on any screen size, in any orientation. This puts your course straight into the hands of your learners from accessing on the job training in disconnected environments to brushing up on key skills and updates.

With gomo you can distribute your content directly to your end users instantly. Embed your course into any website or into your LMS for instant upload and dynamic updates, without the admin. Notify your audience by emailing your course to your users or broadcast your content straight to Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

When you deliver courses for offline consumption, via the gomo central native app, you get full tracking and xAPI analytics. See learner engagement levels and understand your results with accessible analytics dashboards. You can improve your learning through targeted insights and meet compliance and regulatory targets.

Best of all, the power of gomo learning is truly affordable. Beautiful multi-device learning. Anywhere.

Trial gomo, free of charge, at
a laptop, mobile phone and digital tablet

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