Yesterday, the gomo team were exhibiting at the Learning Technologies Summer Forum and attracted huge interest from the UK’s leading L&D professionals.

After another day of non-stop gomo demos at the exhibition (where I almost lost my voice), it was interesting to reflect on the major themes that potential customers were discussing with us.

Going mobile

There was a huge demand from organisations to get their content onto mobile devices. Probably the most consistent theme was how the existing breed of legacy standalone desktop authoring tools just isn’t built for mobile delivery. gomo’s ability to create a single responsive and adaptive HTML5 course that worked on desktops, tablets and mobiles was a revelation.

Ease of use

Another significant theme was how complicated many desktop authoring tools have become. They are certainly not the kinds of tools that could be given to a Subject Matter Expert to create mobile-friendly content. Visitors wanted a quick and easy method for creating multi-device content and gomo’s ease of use through a web browser went down a storm.

Cost effectiveness

Price was also discussed and many visitors were very pleasantly surprised when they discovered what a cost-effective option our multi-device authoring tool is. Less than £50 per month for a single user or less than £150 per month for a small team (four users) had many people commenting that investing in gomo was a ‘no-brainer’.

New features and functionality

Visitors who’d already seen gomo loved the latest version. Every quarter, gomo users get a major release with a host of new features such as new themes, assets and additional functionality. Because gomo is in the cloud, there’s no need to download a huge new installation file. The new features just appear in the gomo portal so that users can start benefiting from them straight away. The new gomo ‘night and day’ theme was on show for the first time with everyone commenting on how polished and professional it looked.

This is part of our ongoing commitment to continuously improve gomo.

21 day free trial

Lots of people were pleased to see that they could ‘try before the buy’. The gomo 21 day free trial was something many people were planning to take advantage of.


It was great to see the reaction to gomo, both at the exhibition and also on Twitter during the day:

‘Thanks to @mikey_alcock for the demo of @gomolearning – yet another thing for us to trial!’

‘gomo learning – very interesting authoring tool for three platforms at once and reasonable price too.’

In summary, the demand for mobile-friendly e-learning is well and truly established, and we look forward to seeing lots of people meeting this with responsive and adaptive e-learning courses developed in gomo.

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