gomo learning is delighted to announce its debut on e-learning industry guru Craig Weiss’ list of the top 5 authoring tools of 2014.

Based on a review of 190 authoring tools, gomo was revealed as one of the Top 5 authoring tools during Weiss’ seminar at Devlearn in Las Vegas, Nevada.

gomo 2.2, which was launched at Devlearn, comes with a cluster of new features and improvements to make cloud-based, multi-device e-learning content more effortless, intuitive and beautiful than ever before. It allows teams and individuals to build, collaborate and publish their own e-learning content for as little as £49/ $89 a month.

Commenting on the result, Managing Director Mike Alcock said “We’ve had a fabulous six months since we launched our multi-device software. For a brand-new product like gomo to be acknowledged by an industry thought leader as one of the top five authoring tools of 2014 is a great way to top it off.”

Secure your place on Mike’s next webinar to see how the latest version of our top 5 responsive, adaptive authoring tool makes multi-device e-learning development more simple and intuitive than ever before.

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